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5 Changes to Make in Your Daily Routine for Belly Fat Loss

Belly Fat is bad. It is not bad because it makes you look bad in the party dress or because you cannot wear your favorite jeans to work anymore. It is bad because belly fat means a red signal for your health.

Having lots of fat in your lower abdominal area exposes you to a lot of health hazards, the most common being: (a) Type 2 Diabetes and (b) Heart Diseases. Therefore, reducing belly fats has a lot of benefits linked to your health and it has a positive impact on your average lifespan.

How to estimate the Belly Fat?

Measuring the circumference around the waist with a simple tape is the best way to measure the belly fat. This can be easily done at home with a simple measure tape.

Anything about 102cm (42 inches) in men and 88cm (35 inches) is considered as abdominal obesity.

If you have an abdominal obesity, even if you are not very heavy overall, it is recommended that you take some steps to belly fat loss.

Listed below are the five evidence-based changes that you can bring in your daily routine to get rid of your belly fat.

Incorporate these changes in your daily life:
  • Avoid Aerated and Sugar-Sweetened Drinks: Studies have proven that added sugar is uniquely harmful to metabolic health. Sugar contains higher levels of fructose and when our liver gets overloaded with fructose, liver changes the excess fructose into fat. Therefore minimize the intake of sugar in your diet, completely eliminating sugary drinks like sodas, fruit juices, and aerated drinks.
  • Increase the Protein Intake in your diet: Increasingly the Protein Intake in your regular diet is a long-term strategy to reduce belly fat. Protein Intake reduces cravings by 80% and boosts metabolism by 80-100 calories per day. Therefore, make an effort of intake of high protein food like whole eggs, meat, fish and dairy products.
  • Cut Carbs from your diet: Dishing out the carbs is a very effective way to get a control of your abdominal fat. It is seen that if a person cuts down their carbs, their appetite goes down and they start to lose weight rapidly. Avoiding the refined carbs like sugar candy and white bread is sufficient, especially if you want to keep the benefit intake high.
  • Eat the Fibre Rich Food: Eating plenty of fiber can help with the control of your abdominal fat. The best way to include fiber in your diet is to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Include cereals like whole oats in your daily breakfast. You can also help yourself control the belly fat by taking in fiber
  • Exercise is very effective in reducing the Belly Fat: Getting the habit of exercising daily is the best gift that you could gift yourself with. Exercising regularly will help you if you want to live a healthy and long life and avoid a lot of diseases. Aerobic exercises can help you a lot in reductions of belly fat and are particularly beneficial for weight management.

The best things that a person needs to get a grip on the belly fat to keep a track on what you are eating. It is necessary to weight and measure everything that you eat in a day. To end with, be extremely careful of decisions about diet and calorie control.