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5 Brilliant Hacks To Keep Your Refrigerator Clean and Organised

The refrigerator is the most important part of a kitchen. Great concern and care is shown in cooking and preparing food safely, but if there is not enough care shown when storing the food, then the safe cooking process would not hold any purpose. And everyone single one of us uses the refrigerator for storing food.

Many clean or wash their refrigerators only once in a blue moon, and they consider that to be safe and clean. If you do this, you may consider of removal your old refrigerator. Well, that is not the only thing that it involves. Cleaning and taking maintenance of refrigerators includes not just an occasional cleaning, but regular maintenance.

Using practical multi-containers

Instead of stuffing your refrigerator with various containers, what one can do is to store all food items in practical multi-containers. For example, many use a Lazy Susan to store food. This ensures that space is saved, and the risk of food spilling out is also eliminated. One doesn’t need to stick just to a Lazy Susan, but there are various other containers that can be used for storing food conveniently and easily.

Clear expired foods once a week

Another way that you could keep sure that your fridge is clear by making sure that expired foods be tossed out at least once a week. The most optimal time to do that is right before you hit the grocery for new goods. When doing so, you will remember what had gone bad, and so you would be able to decide on how much of that particular quantity should be bought. That way, you can conserve money, space and also make sure that your refrigerator is free from unwanted odors.

Periodically wiping bottles or jars

When one particular bottle, jar or container is used for storing foods, that particular container tends to wear out, and marks and stains are left in that container. When that happens, even if the container is used regularly, the box, jar or bottle tends to smell, and the exterior of the container becomes sticky. And so the next time you take out a particular bottle or jar, be sure to wipe out the bottle or container before returning the jar back to the fridge.

Store leftovers to a place where you can see them

Storing leftovers in a place where it is accessible is key. If leftovers are put in a corner, then it would be forgotten and it would thus stink. Thus storing your foods at a place where it can be easily accessed ensures that it would be cleared away at the right time, thus once again conserving space and making sure that the fridge remains clean and not stink.

Line your crisper

Lining one’s crisper is also key to making food products last, and also making sure that the fridge is clean. How so? Well, vegetables give out certain juices, and these liners ensure that they are soaked up. Many vegetables expire or decay sooner because they come with extra moisture. But that can be eradicated by these liners.

And while you are at it, make sure that any food that goes into the fridge must be in a proper container and must not just be thrown in like a plate. That is very essential as this makes sure that the food is fresh and that it is not decayed. So, there you have it! 5 tips to keep your fridge clean and sparkly.