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5 Best Travel-Friendly Products

If there’s one thing that can be said for the travel industry, it’s that companies worldwide are taking full advantage. From beauty miniatures, to hand-luggage friendly electronics, there’s no denying that the world of retail has taken a global love for travel with both hands and are milking it for everything it’s got – we’re just lucky that, as travellers, we get to benefit! So dig out your passport, finish off that esta card application, and take a look at our list of the best 5 travel-friendly products the industry has to offer!

1. Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby Sunscreen Stick (SPF 60+)

Okay, so there might be ‘baby’ in the name, but trust us when we say you’ll want this product in your luggage. Of course, we aren’t expecting you to use this single stick for all of your sunscreen needs while you’re abroad, but the convenient stick is perfect for applying to your face and ears, and you can even take it with you for quick top-ups on day trips. This one is SPF 60+ so you can be sure for strong protection all day long, with the additional perk in that it doesn’t leave white residue! It’s fragrance free and non-greasy too, so no more shiny skin and smelling of sunscreen until late into the evenings.

2. Grand Trunk Hooded Neck Pillow

This is the neck pillow of all neck pillows. If you’re an avid sleep-on-a-plane-er, then this really is perfect for you. This memory foam neck support comes equipped with a warm fleece hood, and even an eye shade attached for optimum sleep ability. Even if you don’t sleep, who’s going to bother you when you have a hood over your head? Not only is it one of the most comfortable neck pillows on the market, it’s also perfect for the antisocial among us!

3. A Camera!

In the world of smartphones with better megapixel ratings than some of the budget cameras, it can be difficult to convince yourself to shell out just for a few snaps. If you do have the money to spend, however, buying a camera rather than just using your phone can save you more hassle than you’d think. No longer will you worry about phone battery, and most cameras have better zoom or light adjustment options. Of course, it all depends on what phone you have, but even a disposable camera could be a nice addition to save you the hassle.

4. Venus Snap Women’s Razor

Let’s be honest, none of us exactly enjoy shaving, and when we’re on holiday it can be tempting to toss the razor aside completely and let the world see our very natural hair. But for those of us that don’t quite have that level of confidence just yet, the Venus Snap razor is a convenient addition to your wash bag. This tiny razor is small enough to barely take up any room at all – all you need to do for a quick shave top up is whip it out, go over the area, and pop it back. Simple.

5. Dry Shampoo

Just like shaving, not everyone wants to make the effort to shower between hitting the beach and going out for the evening – after all, most of us would rather catch those last rays of the day instead! With a small can of dry shampoo in your arsenal, you can have your hair looking as clean as it is when freshly washed, without the hassle of washing and drying it in a short space of time. Of course, we don’t advise swapping this out for washing your hair completely but for a quick spruce up, dry shampoo can work miracles!

Wherever you’re planning on going this summer, making sure you have all of the essentials is vital for a stress-free trip. The five we’ve listed above are just some of a whole wealth of products on the market, so why not take a look around? You never know what gems you might find!