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5 Best Skin Creams

Skin is one of the most important organs of the body which need to be taken care. If skin is not properly nourished with the required creams or moisturizers then definitely it will not look attractive. So, it’s utmost importance to take care of skin by applying the suitable creams based on the skin type. If you visit a cosmetic store, you will be surprised to see huge number of creams and brands. This may be quite confusing situation, about what to choose for protecting skin. There is no point to get worried about it, we will help you in picking the right skin cream for you, based on your skin type. Here is the list of top 5 best skin creams and you can easily buy them using Nykaa Promo Code

  1. Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream

Dove brand has manufactured one of the wonderful body creams for the normal skin type which comes with the name, Dove silky nourishment body cream. You may be thinking that what is so special about this cream, yes we are coming to that point only. This skin not only nourishes the normal skin, but at the same time it will soften as well as moisturize. It is possible with the help of natural skin nutrients and rich essential oils that are present in this cream. One of the unique features, which this cream has got, is its Deepcare Complex.

Best features of Dove Silky Nourishment body cream

  • This cream can even be used for the dry skin apart from normal skin type, but not for the oily skin type.
  • This cream will be quite non-sticky, with quite little fragrance in it.
  • The light texture feature that is present in this cream will allow it to spread evenly all over the skin, and also gets absorbed quite easily.
  • This cream is widely used by most of the people, due to its best features and affordability.
  1. Ponds Moisturizing Cold Cream

Ponds moisturizing cold cream is one of the oldest products which is not only popular, but also used by huge number of people. This is one of the best creams for the people with dry skin, applying this cream regularly will make the skin smoother and silky. It also brings a glow to the skin, due to the presence of the 10 vital skin nutrients along with some of the beauty oils in it. The most important ingredient used in the ponds cold cream that makes the skin so smooth is glycerine, with sweet fragrance in it.

Best features of ponds moisturizing cold cream

  • One of the most important features is that it is lighter in consistency and pleasant with little fragrance in it.
  • One of the best moisturizer for the people with dry skin.
  • It is easier to carry, comes in mini and larger tubs.
  1. Nivea Cream

Nivea cream is yet another oldest skin care products, which is popularly used by huge number of people. It may be quite interesting for you to know that this is one of the first creams that were made available in India. This is also one of the best creams for the people with very dry skin, so when they use it regularly can see amazing results with soft skin. Nivea cream when use regularly will make the skin smoother just like a rose petal, but make sure that applying too much can result in the greasiness, of the skin.

Best features of Nivea cream

  • One of the best skin softener, for the dry skin.
  • It is easier to carry anywhere.
  • There are no side effects, in using this cream.
  1. Lakme cream

Lakme cream often called as complexion care cream, which is specially used for the two purposes. The first one is that it is one of the best sunscreen lotions, which can be applied to protect the skin from some of the harmful UV rays, especially in summer season. It is a cream with SPF 30 certification, so can be used when travelling on sunny days. This cream can also be used as a perfect light foundation, because it conceals and even out the skin tone. The only issue is that oily skin people need to apply this ream along with the compact powder, otherwise skin gets greasy.

Best features of Lakme complexion care cream

  • It is quite easier to use and spreads evenly on the skin.
  • It is a cream with SPF 30.
  1. Himalaya cream

Himalaya herbals revitalizing night cream, is the one that needs to be used specially in the night times, so that will repair the damaged skin caused by pollution. This is possible by the presence of nutrients in the skin that helps in renewal of skin cells. The only problem with this cream is that it is not so perfect for the dry skin. In addition to this you can buy creams for dry skin using Amazon Promo Code.

Best features of Himalaya herbals revitalizing nigh cream

  • It is one of the natural creams with presence of natural extracts and ingredients.
  • It is non-greasy and is the perfect one for the oily skin.

All the above mentioned, five best skin creams, will help in moisturizing and smoothen the skin along with glow.