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5 Benefits of Investing in a Watercooler for Your Home or Business

The human body is made up of over 65 percent water – and let’s face it, we all would do well to drink more of it. Drinking enough water throughout the day to meet your body’s demands has countless health benefits including energy increase, stress reduction and more.

If you are one of the many Americans who made the pledge to drink more water in 2021, here are a few reasons you should consider investing in a watercooler along with some of our favorite models for homes and businesses.

Ease and convenience: Having a water cooler in your home or business enables ease of access to fresh, chilled water. It also serves as a visual reminder to fill up and drink more water throughout the day.

Plastic waste reduction: Many people resort to bottled water when they are busy, on the move and thirsty. While bottled water is grabbable and convenient, it’s terrible for the environment. Landfills are packed with close to 27 million tons of plastic each year, and 91 percent of that plastic isn’t recycled and a lot of it ends up in the ocean. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, investing in a water cooler is a great way to do it.

Safe drinking water: Did you know that millions of Americans across the US are currently drinking unsafe water? Watercoolers often come with jars/tanks that are filtered and purified thoroughly to remove harmful bacteria and substances. With the ultimate purpose of making the water safe for drinking, they often help enhance the overall taste of the water.

Ok, you understand the benefits and you agree, it’s time to invest in a watercooler for your family or business. Here are a few of our top picks.

Top Picks

Pacifik Bottled Water Cooler from AquaverveThe Pacifik is a very modern cooler with the latest technology. This high-tech unit includes a matching bottle cover and high flow faucets to fill your glass even faster. The cabinet is made with extremely durable high density polyethelene. The water reservoir is stainless steel. The Pacifik is the perfect cooler for health and fitness clubs as wells as offices and homes – anywhere durability and filling cups or bottles fast is essential. Click here to purchase


BRITA Bottom-Loading Water Cooler With a BRITA Bottom-Loading Water Cooler you are improving sustainability and saving our planet one glass of water at a time. Because of the built-in BRITA water filter, you will experience ultimate convenience when you re-fill the empty 5 gallon water jug from your kitchen or office faucet. No longer will you need to lug those heavy 5 gallon bottles from the store and you won’t need to wait when your water cooler runs empty. Just fill it up again in your kitchen with the Fast-Fill hose and you will have that crisp, fresh-tasting water that BRITA is known for.

Moderna Self-Cleaning Bottom Load Water Cooler Reinventing the classic top-loading water dispenser to an installation friendly bottom-loading water dispenser. The bottom loading water cooler dispenser offers various features that have been redesigned to best suit you and your lifestyle! Featuring an easy to load water bottle with a durable water pump that quickly and powerfully fills the stainless steel water reservoirs for hot water and cold water on demand.