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5 Benefits Of Masa Harina For Women’s Health

Masa harina, translated from Spanish means, “dough flour.” It is the time-honored flour used in tortillas, corn chips, taco shells, tamales, as well as other traditional Mexican dishes. It is made from field corn or maize that has been specially treated in a special solution of lime and water. This solution is also known as slaked lime. Soaking in this solution, loosens the hulls away from the kernels and softens the corn.

Another purpose of this method is to increase the value of the corn’s nutrients. The lime reacts with the corn in a way that it makes allowance for the digestive system to be able to absorb the nutrient niacin, much more efficiently. There are several benefits of the dough flour, masa harina and many of them can benefit women in specific. Here are five of those women should take notice of. Click here if you would like to include masa harina substitute in your diet.

1. Gluten-free

The term Gluten has been in the news a lot over recent years. Doctors have begun to realize how hard gluten is on the digestive system and more and more people have come to realize that Gluten is often a problem for them. Gluten is a natural protein that is found in your whole grains, like wheat. People with the condition celiac disease do not have the enzymes their body needs to break the protein down, which will result in inflammation of the small intestines and cause an array of very uncomfortable abdominal issues; cramping, diarrhea or constipation, nausea and abdominal pain.

Celiac tends to run in females more than men, as well as, many women seem to be more prone to digestive issues as they move into post-child bearing years. Whether you have celiac disease or not, steering away from Gluten is one way you can help your digestive system work better to keep you happy and comfortable. For women, incorporating more foods with Masa harina as the main product in it, is one way you can help eliminate gluten from your diet.

2. Reduces constipation

For women who suffer with constipation, then you know how uncomfortable it can be. Constipation can quickly become a problem that interrupts your daily life, leaving you feeling tired, bloated, and just plain miserable. Whole grain foods are known to aid in the digestive system due to the fiber they supply.

Because Masa harina is a whole grain corn flour, it is an excellent source of fiber. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, corn flour contains about 7.3 grams of fiber per 100 grams serving. Fiber works to reduce constipation by traveling through the intestinal track and absorbing water so that your stool are better formed, and move through your track with ease.

3. Keeps you fuller longer for weight loss benefits

A lot of women find it hard to shed some of those unwanted pounds. They try to follow diets that don’t seem to give them all they need in nutrition, nor do they fill them up enough to sustain them for long periods of time. Before long the diet is a fail due to over-snacking from excessive hunger. When you eat a whole grains, like whole grain corn flour, you’ll experience fullness that lasts longer.

The fiber found in whole grain corn enhances fullness better than refined products, like white rice and bread. This is because fiber empties into the stomach slower, which also means you have a steadier stream of energy to power you through your days or workouts. Between the two benefits, women can have the upper hand on shedding pesky pounds when they incorporate more masa harnia made foods in their diet.

4. Good source of Iron

Women are more prone to iron deficiencies over men, primarily due to their menstrual cycles and loss of blood each month. Iron merges with the hemoglobin in the blood (a protein in the red blood cells that promote circulation of healthy oxygen). It also supports the white blood cells, which are part of the immune system.

One way to boost your iron intake is with Masa harnia products. Whole grain corn offers 2.8 mg of iron per each cup. This is 35% of the daily iron requirements for men and 16% for women. Eating Masa harnia as part of your regular diet helps you reach your daily iron requirements and can help women keep their energy levels up and various infections down.

5. Calcium boost for stronger bones

As women age, calcium becomes an even more important nutrient for women. After menopause, women begin to see issues with bone loss due to the drop in hormonal levels. Doctors usually have most women take calcium supplements to make up for this problem and help women keep their bones strong, Weak and porous bones are prone to break and develop osteoporosis.

Another way women can help fight bone loss and weakness is to include more calcium enriched foods in their diet. Whole grain corn, or Masa harina, is an excellent source of calcium for women. Masa harina gains calcium from the lime that is used as the alkaline when it is soaked during the process. Masa harina is a tasty way for women to up their calcium intake to help ensure stronger, denser bones.

Masa harina is an all-around healthy grain that has so many benefits for women, why not incorporate it into your daily diet. There are many ways you can get the benefits of Masa harina, from tortillas to tamales, tostada chips and more. You can create lots of delicious dishes for a variety of choices in how you obtain the health benefits of this important grain. Look for Masa Harina and Masa Harina made products in your favorite grocery store or health food store.

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