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5 Bedroom Makeover Inspirations

The bedroom is one of the most enjoyable yet challenging rooms to remodel. Often times it is even a bit forgotten as the majority of the time spent in the bedroom is spent asleep rather than enjoying the room itself. The bedroom naturally serves as sanctuary of sorts, a place to rest and unwind before bed. This means that the styling of the bedroom should reflect a sense of peace and relaxation for the homeowner.

Make bedroom makeovers involve bringing in more light, creating a color scheme, and reducing the clutter within the bedroom. If you want to give your bedroom a completely new look, here are five different ideas that will make a big impact.

Add Bamboo Paneling on an Accent Wall Instead of Painting

A classic way of adding interest to a bedroom that is too boring and dull is to paint one wall a different color. This could be a neutral shade or a bright, colorful shade, but either way the purpose is for one wall to serve as an accent to the room. The idea of an accent wall is a great one, but instead of limiting yourself to paint consider another material choice.

Bamboo panels are an unexpected but beautiful way of making one wall pop out. The look of bamboo isn’t automatically a tropical one either. This material can be found in different tones and may even be treated with shou sugi ban for a dark statement. Otherwise you may leave the bamboo as is for a warm, wood-like finish that is more minimalistic than rustic.

Include Art and Get Creative with Art Piece Placement

Every room should have art, including the bedroom. Wall art helps add to the color scheme and can function as a focal point of the room. It is useful in tying everything in the room together and is an opportunity to add your own interests to the room. Remember, wall art isn’t always simply framed pictures either. Shadow boxes, decorative mixed media art, and other textures add a polished finish to the room. Even a large, artistic mirror can function as a piece of art and bring light into the room.

Canvas prints are a great way of adding artistic interest to the room as well as texture. While it may seem more casual than framed art, it truly depend on the print of the canvas. Be sure that with whatever art you choose you don’t simply tack it up on the wall and leave it at that. Consider placement and don’t settle for horizontal placement every time. Textured prints or patterned canvas that have no direction can be placed on the wall as a diamond. If you’re pairing two frames, rather than placing side-by-side go with a vertical placement.

Go with a White Structured Bedroom Ceiling Design

A common complaint many people have is that their bedroom is too small. While there is only so much you can do to make the room bigger, you can create an illusion of more space quite easily. The key is to paint the ceiling a very light shade or a white, though you should err on ivory side of white rather than a stark white. This immediately opens up the room and makes it feel more airy.

If you have 9′ tall ceilings in your bedroom and really want to make a statement consider adding structure to the ceiling. This can be in the form of faux exposed beams or a coffered ceiling kit. You may also paint these white or a light shade for maximum impact. This combination makes the room seem larger and adds a touch of luxury at the same time.

Install Wall Cubes to Make a Visual and Functional Impact

A key factor in a beautifully designed bedroom is a bedroom that is also organized. Bedrooms tend to be a place to store private items, memorabilia, pictures, and more. The used of bookshelves or shelving units is practical but far from stylish. Remember that when styling any room less is more and reducing visual clutter makes a huge difference.

Wall Cubes serve both a functional and visual impact. They take the idea of modern floating shelves that looks sleek and add a more interesting, contemporary feel to it. Wall cubes are easy to install and come in various colors and sizes to fit any bedroom, even a small one. In fact, wall cubes are an ideal storage solution in small bedrooms as they reduce the need for traditional storage options that will use up valuable floor space.

Select an Unusual or Vintage Piece of Furniture

If you have a lot going on with the bedroom, then simple furniture might be the way to go, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Combining different design styles like rustic, modern or amish furniture, is an excellent way of creating interest in a bedroom and allowing your own tastes come into play.

You can find amazing deals on vintage and antiques at local furniture stores, yard sales, antique stores, and thrift shops. A vintage bed headboard or an antique trunk as a bedside table are two ideas. Don’t forget that an interesting lamp, wall sconces or an antique chandelier over the bed can also be used. Just be sure you keep this style to one large item or a couple smaller items or it may seem too mix-matched.

The bedroom is a very personal place and one that is very rewarding to remodel. Typically for an adult bedroom it is better to go with an uncluttered, visually subtle look with some pops of color. Rooms for kids and teenagers can naturally be a more exciting as children and young adults typically use their bedroom as a place to study, watch TV and entertain friends.

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