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5 Beauty Trends That are Going to be Huge This Year

2017 was a big year in the beauty industry, it’s just a little over 2 months into 2018 and there’s already a noticeable pattern to the beauty trends women are interested in. From minimal make-up looks to simple surgical procedures that make all the difference in giving that wow factor, here are some of the trends that we predict will be huge this year:


Wrinkles and fine lines are natural aging effects. Wrinkles are usually a source of concern especially for women as they aren’t exactly flattering and can make the skin look tired. There are different tips to prevent premature wrinkling; avoiding overexposure in the sun and proper skincare regimens are just a few to mention. Sadly, wrinkles brought about by aging and genetics can’t be avoided. One of the most effective and non-surgical approaches is botox injection.

The botox rave is safe and effective, and has been embraced by A-list celebrities over the globe. It is even rumored to be one of the reasons for their ever-youthful glow.


Thick, blocky brows are soooo last year.  2018 has embraced feathery, light and brushed-up brows as subtle and minimal makeup looks seem to be the “it” this year. People go overboard trying to fill in their brows and the end result isn’t always flattering. Using minimal makeup on your brows creates a more natural and interesting aesthetic. This trend has been embraced from run-ways to wedding aisles. Time to jump on the wagon ladies!



From subtle pale pinks to bold reds and sharp matte blacks, there are plenty options to pick from in giving your nails their best look. Alternatively, you could opt to take a break from the norm and choose to be explore your artistic side with abstract designs, logos, monograms, floral accents, embellishments and so on. There really are no limits Ladies, explore!


Over to Kylie Jenner (LOL). Professional lip augmentation is a simple cosmetic procedure improves the shape, structure and volume of the lips through enlargement using safe and effective fillers.  An injectable dermal filler is one of the most common methods of lip augmentation.  Common fillers are mostly products that contain substances similar to hyaluronic acid- this substance is found naturally in the body.  This is a brief and simple yet effective approach to getting the perfect pout. The deal about fillers is to go for a safe and professional treatment and we recommend the best in New York City.


Rihanna’s Fenty beauty literally shook the beauty industry with the release of her 40-shade line of Fenty foundations. With more women, especially women of color being able to find perfect matches to their skin tones along with the skyrocketing sales from huge reception, we predict other cosmetic lines will be taking a leaf from her page as we have already begun to see. 2018 will be embracing representation of women of color not merely as a trend but as a long overdue inclusivity movement.

There you have it ladies, a list of our Top 5 beauty trends we expect to be huge this year, you read it here first! Ready to join the trend, here is one of our recommended places to get all your beauty care and spa treatments this year.

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