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5 Beauty Products That Every Girl Should Own

Most women have loads of makeup of every size colour, shape and description. Some of it may be old, dried up or even empty. Other pieces you have outgrown the colour or style while some are full and new but you just never use.

The truth is, out of the whole collection, there are probably only a handful of items that you really need and use regularly. Let’s take a look at the 5 beauty products every girl should own.

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1. Tinted SPF

Foundation, as the name implies, is what everything else builds on it. That is not necessarily true and a tinted SPF works extremely well while still looking very natural. A tinted SPF is in fact a primer, foundation and moisturizer, with the added benefit of protecting your skin from UV light, all in one. The UV protection is vitally important no matter where you live or what the weather. Even a cool overcast day can expose your skin to harmful UV rays and using protection will keep your skin looking younger for longer. Don’t leave home without it.

There are a variety of shades and shimmers to suit all skin types and preferences.

If you are concerned about shine, simply use a translucent powder with the tinted SPF. It will save you time and effort and looks great. It should be top of your must have list.

2. Concealer

There will always be one or two slight imperfections or blotches you need to naturally conceal and a stick concealer works wonders to achieve this. It is also great for dark rings under the eyes which is often unavoidable. Again, it looks completely natural and will give your skin that perfect, even toned look in seconds. Simply apply to the areas necessary and blend in with a small brush or your finger.

3. Cheek Colour

For that radiant, sophisticated and elegant look you will need some cheek colour. Use it subtly and in a tone, that suits your skin colour and compliments your eyes. Cheek colour also helps to accentuate your bone structure and when applied correctly, really highlights and enhances your natural features.

A light blush is very effective but ensure it works well with your lipstick colour. It gives a radiant glow while enhancing bone structure beautifully.

Be sure and browse around this website for some great beauty tips and tricks.

4. Highlighter

Now that you have the basics in place, the important step of using a bit of well-placed highlighter is essential to give it that wow factor. Pay attention to the corners of the eyes, tops of your cheekbones, the cupid’s bow of your upper lip and in the corners around your mouth and nose. Doing this will really set off your features.

5. Mascara

Never neglect the mascara; it makes a huge impact, giving your eyes that deep, sultry look. It really is one of the key steps in effective makeup. Look for a mascara that has a multitask wand and a good quality one that will not clump or run.

There are of course a number of other important items you need in your makeup arsenal. Eye shadow and eye liner are essential to accentuate the eyes. Use subtle colours and be bold without overdoing it. Lip colour is also very important and often one of the first things people notice. Use different shades for day and evening use and vary it according to how formal your clothing is or the event you are going to.

Applying makeup is an art form. The first step is the take some of the advice above and have the correct products to do the job. Then you need to practice and learn to apply it correctly. If you are not sure, there are many articles on the subject or you could get assistance from a cosmetic store.

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