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5 Beautiful Home Decoration Ideas

Now that spring-cleaning is well out of the way and the nice weather continues, we tend to be drawn to a few new home accents. Summer is all about vibrancy, color, and comfort — if you are looking to spice up your home, here are five stunning home decorations that you can’t pass up.

1. Jazz Up Your Couch

It’s amazing what a small throw and new pillow or two can do to an otherwise boring couch. The best part is, there are so many high-quality, unique pillows available, allowing you to showcase your unique style. Offering a stunning décor piece, as well as a functional cushion, here are some ideas.


All you require is a pillowcase and boom, you’ve elevated your couch. This round mountain pillow case, as well as other handcrafted pillows, offer a level of quality that cannot be matched. Invest in one or two well-crafted pillows that will last. In most cases, handcrafted items, including pillows, offer unique designs and materials.

In this case, organic GOTS certified cotton and linen chambray were used, printed with a water-based ink. When you invest in pieces like the pillow above, you will want to dive into your couch time and time again.

2. Hang a Few Inspiring Prints

A picture hanging on your wall has the ability to make you smile, increase motivation, and showcase your personal style. There are so many creative artists out there, offering the world incredible pieces of art. If you want to add a cute picture to your bathroom, invest in something that you will love to read over and over — like this Hemmingway Typewriter print.


Looking for something that motivates you? Try —



3. Brighten Up Your Kitchen


If you enjoy cooking and entertaining, there’s no doubt that you spend plenty of time in the kitchen. We often decorate our bedrooms and living areas, but the kitchen is just as important. Even adding a unique tea towel can really make your kitchen pop — both in terms of color and personality.

4. Add Accents of Green ‘Life’

Who doesn’t love a plant or two hanging out in their home? Not only do they look amazing, but also they actually help purify the air. Plants can be found anywhere, but it’s how you display your plant that really makes an impact. Heard of fabric buckets or planters? If not, you’re in for a real treat.


5. It’s All in The Details

Have you ever been to someone’s house and everywhere you turn, décor pieces catch your eye? Sometimes the simplest accents make the biggest impressions. When you pay attention to the details, you can create a room that is undeniably unique. You have the freedom to pick and choose, adding features that truly accent your living space.

Whether you’re aiming to decorate, based on a certain theme — or you adore animal-related décor, the sky is the limit. You don’t need to overdo it either, simply choose a few bits and pieces that really stand out to you. Kind of like…

… Some funky map coasters


… or a unique chalkboard


You can add plenty of eye-catching pieces without worrying about clutter. The secret lies in your selection. Be choosy with what you select, helping to create a central theme or select design. Once you’ve decided on the overall look you’d like to achieve, decorating is the fun part!

Over time, you will collect items here and there, adding to the overall look and feel of your home. Remember, there are no ‘rules’ when it comes to home décor, so have fun with it and stick to your own personal style. After all, your home is for you to enjoy — happy hunting!

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