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5 Areas of Natural Remedies that can Help You in Your Journey to Wellness

  1. Chinese exercise therapy

            You may know this a Tai Chi and you may have seen it being undertaken by a group of older people in parks on weekends as I have. However, Tai Chi is for everyone to help balance our internal energy, also known as our Yin and Yang. Qi Chong is a similar exercise and is also focused on slowly executing different body poses. Completing Chinese exercise therapy in the morning will make you feel more energized and ready for your day.

  1. Chinese massage

            Also known as Tui Na, Chinese massage involves having your muscles massaged via pinching and pulling techniques. This type of massage is undertaken to help bring your Yin and Yang into balance and to address issues such as circulatory disorders. Other issues such as knots and cramps can also be worked on.

  1. Chinese dietary therapy

Addressing one’s diet in pursuit of better health is not breaking news, however, Chinese dietary therapy can be used to identify harmful foods that are destroying one’s internal balance. Some unique cooking methods may also be introduced.

  1. Chinese herbs

            Often used in conjunction with Chinese dietary therapy, Chinese herbs are used to deal with specific health problems that are not being adequately dealt with via other means. Each herb, or combination of herbs, can be as potent as pharmaceutical drugs and so are only prescribed as a last resort.

  1. Acupuncture

The energy lines of an individual’s body are targeted with fine sterile needles to help the Yin and Yang to come back into balance. Acupuncture can also be used to relieve pain or nausea, and has been recognized as such by Western medical practitioners.

Each of these five areas can be used alone or in unison to help bring an individual to a state of wellness. However, special care must be taken to find an accredited practitioner with the necessary knowledge and techniques to provide for precise diagnosis and treatment.

Students of Endeavour College of Natural Health study each of these areas extensively with hands-on practice. The Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) can lead to many different rewarding career paths. Please see the accompanying infographic for four of the most popular options.