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5 Amazing Activities for Visiting Buenos Aires and Living as a Local

Argentina is one of the most visited countries in Latin America, and its capital is the preferred destination for foreigners. However, more and more visitors from other provinces choose to go to this enormous city to enjoy their activities, spaces and cultural attractions.

But if your goal is living as a local, there are a few activities that you must do in order to understand this unique culture. Let’s begin by learning Spanish!

1- ¡Hablo español!

One of the things that those who have just arrived in Buenos Aires or those who stay for a while want to do is learn “Buenos Aires” way of speaking or take up the Spanish classes that once began in their past.

There are several institutes and schools that propose individual or group courses and are located in all the neighborhoods of the capital city, like Expanish language school. If you want to enjoy Argentina, communication is the key for not missing a thing.

2- Make a tour to Tigre and get out of the city life

45 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city lies Tigre, near Paraná River. It offers a unique encounter with nature and history. The countless canals, streams and other watercourses make their way through the landscape here.

Take the bank railway (Tren de la Costa) at Maipú train station. The trains run along the banks of the Rio de la Plata to the terminus Delta, where there are all sorts of recreational opportunities.

You can book either a motorboat tour or a line boat used by the islanders every day to navigate the canals. While driving, you can see countless islands connected by footbridges and paths.

Before leaving Tigre, it is recommended to visit Puerto de Frutos for a few hours. A famous open-air market full of colorful textiles, furniture, decorative objects and rattan and reed accessories. There are also delicious homemade jams and honeys, flowers and of course any kind of local fruits and vegetables.

3- La Boca & La Bombonera

La Boca is the most original district of Buenos Aires. It is quaint with dozens of colonial-style houses that are reminiscent of La Habana. There are many craft shops and souvenirs, restaurants.

Ole, Ole, grab a blue and yellow hat, jersey or scarf (available everywhere in La Boca) and visit the venerable Bombonera Stadium by Maradona’s team in La Boca district. Incidentally, the name Bombonera comes from the chocolate box shape of the arena. Soak up the atmosphere and nostalgia of one of South America’s most famous clubs.

At this football museum you can dive deep into the club’s history, admire trophies and admire football heroes like Maradona or Martin Palermo on video.

4- Fashion shopping in Palermo Viejo

In all major cities of the world you can find the big chains of international fashion labels. For those who like more original and unusual, they should go to Palermo Viejo for clothing. There is a huge selection of chic boutiques and markets with fashion from local designers.

At weekends, stay around Plaza Serrano since the place becomes an open-air market where clothes are offered in abundance. Many of the neighboring bars and restaurants turn their rooms into boutique stores during afternoon.

5- Picnic at Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

Over 200 different species of birds are native to this reserve on the eastern edge of the district of Montserrat.

You will find pampas, acacia and kapok trees, the typical flora of the Argentine Pampas. Especially on weekends, the park is used intensively by the city people for picnics, jogging, bird watching, cycling and walking.

6- Visit Recoleta Cemetery

Probably the most imposing cemetery in the world can be found in Recoleta. Like a town in the city, Gothic chapels, Greek temples, fairy-tale caves and tombs are housed in small, elaborately decorated houses.

Here you will find the tombs of many famous people. Presidents, generals and singers have found their final resting place in a magnificent environment. The tourist magnet par excellence is the grave of Eva (Evita) Perón, the former First Lady of Argentina.

7- Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is one of Buenos Aires most important tourist attractions as it has the largest public art collection in Latin America. It also has a surprisingly extensive collection of european art pieces.