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5 Activities You Can Do With Your Kids This Christmas

Christmas is that time of the year that most families get the opportunity to spend time and bond with each other. With kids around, it is essential to have exciting activities that will make the season memorable. You have to be creative with the activities you will engage them in since kids do not like monotony. The activities do not have to weigh heavy on your wallet as most are affordable, and others are DIY without spending a penny.

Here are some of the best fun activities to help you bond with your kids this festive season of Christmas.

1. Quizzes

Some games make Christmas fun for kids, but none imparts knowledge like quizzes. They help the kids concentrate, be sharp, retain information, and be more responsive. Through quizzes, children can learn the scope of things in one sitting, helping them to be more knowledgeable.

Questions about the solar system will help the kids learn about the planets that revolve around it. Questions are in plenty, and you can award points to kids after they answer to help them be more attentive. The good thing about quizzes like these is that they are readily available online and you can access them anytime.

As the topics are diverse, you will also have something to learn too. Depending on a kid’s level of understanding and age, there is always a quiz to inform and entertain them. Topics range from sports, food, drinks, movies, music, geography, animals, history, and much more.

2. Giving Back To Society

The best time to teach kids to be empathetic and be mindful of other people’s plight is during the Christmas season. You can have the kids gather toys, clothes, and shoes to share with the less fortunate kids in children’s homes. They can also help cook for the kids and spend the time playing with them.

Volunteering is also a great way to teach kids valuable life skills, and it does not have to be a tedious affair. The activities should resonate with personalities; otherwise, it can fail to pass the right message to them. Tasks such as taking a neighbor’s dog for a walk is one of them.

Be an example to them as they tend to emulate their parents, and it does not have to be only during Christmas. Weekends and other holidays can do. Visit older people’s homes and have the children read stories to them and listen to the old folks tell them stories. Visiting animals that require food and other donations are also helpful, and kids get to learn too.

3. Make Cookies and Exchange

Children love cookies, and there is no better way to make them enjoy more than involving them in the whole process. The young ones can help measure ingredients, stir, and decorate the cookies after cooling. The older ones can help at any point, and they will find it fun.

After the cookies are ready, you can have the kids invite their friends who also have ready-made cookies. They can then exchange the cookies and sample the different flavors and tastes. They can also share the recipes and learn how the whole process goes down.

The lovely thing about cookies is there is a variety of them, and that is exciting for kids. Some of the holiday cookies you can have the kids help make include ginger, spritz, eggnog, snowball, cranberry oatmeal cookies, among others.

4. Watch Movies

After spending the day doing other activities, you can unwind by watching movies. Christmas movies are the best for the season. Videos that explain the purpose of the season further are both fun and informative. Letting the kids choose the film of their choice is exciting for them and makes them concentrate.

Nothing accompanies a good movie like a bowl of popcorn, and children love them. You can make them at home or buy from the stores. The ones with assorted colors are the kids’ favorite, and you can let them indulge during this season.

5. DIY Christmas Crafts

There is no complete Christmas without a Christmas tree, and the joy of it is, the kids can do it. You will only need some handprints, popsicle sticks, and papers to come up with one. There are other materials you do not have to feel restricted to only use these alone.

How about the kids making their Santa Claus at home? Handprints, cotton balls for Santa’s beard, pom-poms, glue, and a red hat will help you achieve that look. There are other crafts to choose from, such as reindeer, snowball, ornaments, elf, and so much more.