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4 Ways You’re Destroying Your Lips

Lips can get easily chapped because they’re thin-skinned, they’re exposed to all elements and lack in oil glands. As we get older, our lips get drier, smaller and lose control. Most women don’t pay a lot of attention to their lip care and they should!

These 4 lip care tips will help you have healthier and smoother pout:


1. Hydration

Dry lips can mean that you’re not drinking enough water. You need to keep your body hydrated. Drink lots of water, herbal teas, coconut water and even eat fruits that are rich in water such as cucumbers and melons.

2. Stop Obsessively Applying You Chop Stick

The waxy balm you love doesn’t actually do any good for your lips since it doesn’t actually gets absorbed into the lip skin and doesn’t keep your lips hydrated. You can even irritate your lips if you use a chop stick that contains menthol or camphor. Choose a creamy treatment that contains humectants (keep your lips moisturized) and occlusives (jojoba, avocado or Shea butter oils that seal the hydration). Apply the treatment before going to bed and wake up with gorgeous and soft lips.

3. Scrub Off the Dead Skin Cells

You need to scrub off the dead skin cells if you want to have luscious lips. Mix some brown sugar with some olive oil, apply it directly on your lips and gently scrub with soft-brittle toothbrush. Wash your lips with warm water and apply some lip balm. Exfoliate your lips only once a week.

4. Lip Balm With SPF

Always apply a lip balm that has SPF before leaving the house. If you plan to go the beach, choose balm that has SPF 30.

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