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4 Ways for Your Beloved Seniors to Live Independently

Staying independent for as long as possible can do wonders for your morale and self-esteem, especially in your senior years. But being able to live independently isn’t as simple as merely wishing for it and hoping for the best. Many seniors look upon their past life with pride at their achievements. But, with advancing years, being able to take care of yourself can get harder and harder. Here are four ways in which the seniors in your life can continue to enjoy their independence for a long time, while still being in a safe and secure environment.

Continuing Care Senior Communities

Continuing care homes are built in communities that offer access to independent living apartments and homes, as well as assisted living and memory care homes. This is so that residents can move among the various levels of care as their needs change.

When looking for continuing care senior communities and assisted living Chicago, check if the community has true independent living apartments or units, and whether they have facilities to meet the greater levels of care your beloved senior might need as they grow older. These homes are meant for seniors that have a limited budget but wish to live independently. They are typically used by seniors that have a partner needing more care, or by seniors that might want to have the option of receiving greater care further down the line. Look for communities where 24/7 staff and security guards are available, continuing care is abundant, and amenities such as walking paths, fitness centers, restaurants, and concierge services are offered.

Senior Apartments

Senior apartments are apartments specifically designed for seniors. Some senior apartments are a part of continuing care retirement communities, but not always. These senior homes usually come with a kitchen and bathroom, in-room emergency systems, transportation, housekeeping, maintenance, accessibility, recreational activities, meal services, and laundry services. When you look for independent senior apartments, look for homes that have an active, thriving, and friendly community of seniors.

Subsidized Housing

Subsidized housing consists of senior apartments with lower rent provided by The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to low-income seniors that meet the requirements for receiving assistance. These homes are usually one-bedroom apartments with a kitchen and bathroom. They provide housekeeping, communal spaces such as a dining room, laundry, transport for medical needs, meals, accessibility, etc. Look for homes that offer below-the-market rent as decreed by the law.

Retirement Homes

Retirement homes are communities for independent and active retired seniors that might wish to live close to their peers. Retirement homes can be apartments, condos, townhouses, or cottages. Retirement home communities usually provide housekeeping, grounds maintenance, restaurants, fitness centers, social and recreational activities, and security guards. These homes are usually taken by seniors that don’t need help with daily living activities and can pay for the rent and other fees. Look for homes with close access to similarly aged residents.

Seniors shouldn’t have to give up on their independence before their time. With the help of the various senior independent living options mentioned above, your beloved seniors can make the most of their ability to be independent.