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4 Vacation Ideas for Those Who Don’t Like to Fly

There are a number of reasons why some people prefer to avoid flying. For some people, it is a personal choice because they don’t enjoy they experience, or perhaps even because of a phobia surrounding flying. For others, it is less practical to fly if they have young children because the altitude can be uncomfortable for them; equally, it can be difficult for those who have mobility and accessibility restrictions to fly if they can’t find an accommodating airport.

Thankfully, just because flying might be a no-go for some, it doesn’t mean that a vacation has to be off limits altogether. To help you find the perfect vacation option for you, here are some ideas of things which you could do that don’t have to involve any flying at all.

City breaks

If you are okay with staying national, rather than going abroad, then there are a wide range of city breaks that are open to you to explore. You might choose to drive to your location of choice, or perhaps even get a train if there is one that travels the distance. Alternatively, you could choose a local city break, and just enjoy the opportunity to get away from all of the usual responsibilities of your day to day life, and experience your home city from a different perspective.

Road trips

If you want to be able to see a lot of places all at once without ever having to leave solid ground, then why not consider planning the ultimate road trip? The best thing about a road trip, in comparison to other methods of travel, is that you are completely in control of the entire trip away: from choosing which vehicle you use to planning the entire route and destinations of choice. With a road trip, all you have to do to get ready for your perfect vacation is rent an RV, pack up all of your most needed belongings, and choose a few of your favorite people to take the trip with you!

Spa breaks

If you are more into relaxation than long travels, then a local spa break could be all you need to unwind and escape for a while. This option is particularly great for people who don’t like to travel for too long, or too far away from their home state. You could find a nice spa hotel to unwind in, book in for a few treatments, and enjoy the peace and luxury of leaving all of your daily problems behind.

No-fly cruises

Cruises are a very popular vacation option for people who enjoy the life of luxury. However, just because a cruise seems like an indulgent vacation option, that doesn’t mean that they are exclusive to those who have a higher budget. There are many different cruising options available to people with a wide range of needs and financial resources, so you are bound to find something that suits your needs. Plus, if you choose a cruise that leaves port fairly locally, you won’t have to do any flying at all.