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4 Tips for Maximizing a Small Dining Space

In big-city apartments and small cottages, dining space can often be limited. It’s an unfortunate fact, considering the dining room is one of the key parts of the house, responsible for entertaining, celebrating, and socializing.

As a result, many homeowners throw their hands up when it comes to getting creative with a small dining space, opting to either consolidate or cram. However, there are ways to decorate a small dining room so that its features shine through and the space is completely optimized for enjoyment.

Go light & bright

It’s a universally known interior design fact: dark colors make a space look smaller. So, if possible, try to keep your dining space as light as possible. Light wall colors, consisting of whites, off-whites, or powder yellows will help open up the space.

Even light gray will create a bright aesthetic, while still lending an elegant look to the area. Keep the light color scheme present throughout the space with the décor you choose as well. For centerpieces, settle on bright flowers. For curtains, settle on cheery earth tones, like honey yellow or terracotta.

If there is a window in the dining space, try to keep it unobscured and to position the dining table as close to it as possible. This is the room in your home in which happiness and an upbeat vibe are of utmost importance.

The light color theme goes as far as dictating your furnishing also. Opt for a dining table made of a lighter wood, like pine or cedar.

Choose the right table

The table is the key feature of your dining space, and choosing one shouldn’t be a lightly made decision. Generally, round tables are the best choice for small dining rooms. The sharp edges of a square dining table can restrict the spaciousness of a room.

Meanwhile, round dining tables are easier to maneuver around and can seat more people – a crucial factor if you plan to host some dinner parties. Furthermore, round dining tables can be accented with nesting chairs, which tuck perfectly underneath the table to create even more space when the table is not in use.

Some feng shui experts also believe that round dining tables aid in the flow of chi throughout the room, creating more positive energy and an increasingly convivial atmosphere.

Implement creative surfaces

If a round dining table doesn’t speak to you, consider other seating options. For example, in especially small apartments, a table-like extension to your kitchen counter that seats 2-3 people can be a really chic and stylish way to dine.

Or, if your dining space has an available corner, you can incorporate a banquette/breakfast nook. This is an easy solution for seating more people and uniting your kitchen with your dining room. The use of a booth in this seating structure can also create a cozier, more inviting environment.

Finally, if you’re on a budget and just can’t seem to decide what will work best for your purposes, you can always opt for an extendable dining table. These usually square tables can typically seat 4-8 once extended, making them a versatile choice for homeowners that love to host.

Accessorize with an area rug

Especially in small apartments, you’re usually lucky if the dining area is even its own separate room. That’s why accenting the space with an area rug can create that sense of differentiation a small dining space needs.

A dining area that blends into the kitchen can cause the space to look even smaller. Placing an area rug underneath the dining table will serve as a decorative touch and a way to define the space. Make sure not to choose a rug that’s too small, or this will add insult to injury.

The rug you choose should extend well past the perimeter of the dining table, ensuring the table and chairs are situated comfortable on its surface. If parts of the furniture stick out over the edge of the rug, this will only serve to make the space appear even more cramped.

Creating space can be as simple as creating an illusion. And, with the right décor and design knowledge, you can make that illusion possible.