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4 Skin Treatment Trends Gaining Popularity in the UK

The beauty industry has been soaring since the last decade. We are in an age where looking good seems to be a never-ending trend and is the foremost priority of every person. The amount of time we spend online has greatly influenced our decisions and set the threshold of a perfect skin really high. This is the main reason for the increase in demand for skin care treatments in the UK. According to Mintel, the UK is currently the number one trendsetter when it comes to treatments related to the skin.

With so many trends coming and going, let’s look at four skin treatment trends that are here to stay in the UK.


Microneedling is a derma roller procedure in which small needles are used to prick the skin. It is a minimally invasive treatment to treat various scars, wrinkles and large pores. If there are people in your group with skin problems, you might have already heard about microneedling.

With its cost ranging from £100 to £600, depending upon the area of treatment, microneedling is considered as one of the most effective ways to get rid of skin problems with little to no side effects.


A filler treatment is a cosmetic procedure that is used to restore a more youthful look by removing facial lines and wrinkles. It is great for people who want to eliminate the signs of ageing without going through treatments that involve skin cutting like a face uplift.

Since injections are used to fill the skin with fillers, the treatment doesn’t require much recovery and is totally safe. Injections are usually applied in areas that are sagged or parts that need a lift. However, the treatment should only be carried out by a skilled cosmetic surgeon like therapieclinic.com to get the best results.


It is another popular skincare treatment that has been gaining popularity in the UK since it requires no surgical process and has huge benefits. Injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts are used to revitalise the skin by removing excess fat and tightening it.

Mesotherapy is carried out in different sessions with each session costing between £300 and £500. You don’t need to worry about any pain as during each session; numbing medicine will be applied to your skin.


Hands downs, the most up and coming skin treatment in the world is HydraFacial. According to a report, a HydraFacial is performed every 15 seconds somewhere in the world. This amounts to at least 2 million treatments in the last year. It is the best treatment for anyone suffering from acne, pimple problems, and for older people suffering from sun damage.

It removes dead skin cells via suction and meanwhile applying hydrating and moisturising serums to the skin. The procedure is usually conducted in four steps which include cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating the skin. The final result is a vacuumed skin free of blackheads, dirt, oil, and impurities and your skin feel as clean as a baby’s.