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4 Rules For Having Younger Looking Skin After 40

We can’t stop the aging process and that’s a fact. Women in their 40s should stop worrying about their wrinkles because there is a way you can turn back the clock on your skin and undo the signs of damage.

“It’s like getting your body into shape: Just because you haven’t exercised before doesn’t mean you can’t start now and see great results,” says Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital.


Here are the 4 rules that will help you reverse skin damage and help you have a younger looking skin:

1. Wash your face with a cleanser that will turn your skin into a sponge for anti-aging products

Dermatologists strongly advise you to choose a cleanser that is specially designed for your skin type. If your skin is dry, use a hydrating wash. If your skin is normal or combo, go for a foaming cleanser.
Always choose a cleanser that contains alpha hydroxy acids because these acids prime your skin and make your skin absorb any product you’ll apply later.

2. The foundation of younger skin is a multitasking moisturizer

Never forget to apply sunscreen before leaving the house. SPF will help you prevent fine lines, discoloration and age spots. Choose a daytime moisturizer that contains an SPF of at least 30. Since you won’t be using that SPF cream before going to bed, choose a night cream that contains peptides because they stimulate collagen growth. If you’re more of an oil person, apply some argan or marula oil before going to bed.

3. Face serums are like lingerie

It’s time to invest in a good face serum. In the morning, we suggest you to use a serum that contains antioxidants because they’ll protect your skin from all the free radicals. At night, choose a serum that contains retinol. Retinol repairs the skin, prevents the breakdown of collagen and it’s the most powerful anti-aging compound.

4. What you eat will reflect on your skin

A good and healthy diet can do so many powerful things. A diet rich in hydrating whole foods and low in processed junk, packed with additives will help your skin look more youthful. Choose foods that are high in probiotics because they fight inflammations and bad bacteria. Here are the 4 foods that will help you have a healthier and younger looking skin:

  • Greek yogurt – Top source of probiotics and protein.
  • Almonds – High in healthy fats and vitamin E.
  • Blueberries – Inexpensive way to eat more antioxidants.
  • Kale – Rich in wrinkle-fighting vitamin A.

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