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4 Reasons Why You Don’t Need an Expensive Wedding

At some point or another, every girl wishes for a big wedding, but with time, the realization of the fact that it’s not really that important should come on by itself. Just in case you are still considering the idea of spending a huge portion of your savings on an expensive wedding, here are four reasons why that’s really not necessary at all.

It’s Just One Day

A wedding is not “just a day” because it is one of the most special days in a girl’s life, where memories are made to last forever. However, once the day is over and you have to get on with your daily life, you may come to regret spending so much money on a single day, especially as the bills start draining your bank account. The unpredictable nature of today’s economy makes it impossible for most of us to say with certainty that there will never come a time in the future when you won’t look back and think if you couldn’t have made better use of that money.

It is Possible to Have a Great Wedding Without Spending a Fortune

Unlikely as it may seem, it is quite possible to have a great wedding ceremony without spending all your savings. Check out these 6 ways to save money when planning a wedding on OnSite Companies and you might just be surprised at how much you can save without really having to sacrifice anything important from your wedding list.

A Wedding is About the Two of You

The wedding ceremony is, first and foremost, about the bride and the groom, or at least that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, expensive weddings are not as much about them as they are led to believe by associated businesses. Don’t let your wedding become a status symbol; instead, let it be a symbol of the love which exists between you and your partner. Smaller ceremonies with only the people that really matter make a lot more sense if you want your day to be a celebration of love and bonding.

The Money You are Planning to Spend Could Become the Money You Invested

Smart investments are our best bet against the ever-rising inflation rates and the future expenses that come with starting a family. It has been found through surveys that a lot of families in the US run short of money and end up in debt every year because they did not have a saving that was big enough to provide for either an unexpected emergency or just the rising costs of raising and educating children. Those that skip the big wedding and invest the bulk of the money are likely going to be the ones with the least amount of problems down the line.

Of course, it is your wedding after all and you are most certainly free to conduct it in any manner you choose to. Nonetheless, it’s always worth considering the points we just discussed and having another discussion with your partner regarding whether there is still opportunity to at least cut some of the unnecessary expenses from the list.