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4 Reasons You Should Eat More Mushrooms

You need to add mushrooms to your diet right this moment because mushrooms are packed with minerals, vitamins and many other nutrients. They’re really good for your health and body and they definitely should become a part of your menu.

Do you need something more convincing? Keep on reading to find out why you should eat more mushrooms:

1. They’ll give you a dose of vitamin D

Vitamin D is really important for healthy bones, muscles and nerve function and mushrooms are one of the few plants that contain it. Although you can’t get the recommended daily dose of vitamin D by only eating mushrooms, but they’re an excellent way to boost your vitamin D intake.

2. They’re packed with B Vitamins

Mushrooms are packed with niacin, riboflavin and folate. Some mushrooms contain more B vitamins than others and that’s why you need to eat a variety. White shiitake has the most B6, Portobello mushrooms have more folate, etc.

3. It’s less likely to get sick

Mushrooms contain a lot of antioxidants which fight the free radicals and protect our bodies from diseases such as cancer and heart conditions. Antioxidants are also proven to staving off aging. Mushrooms are rich in selenium which keeps the reproductive system healthy.

4. You’ll feel fuller

Mushrooms are not only taste but also they’re very low in calories. They’re a great way to add bulk, texture and flavor to your dishes. Put them in your blender and add them in your meatballs and burgers.

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