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4 Huge Eyelash Rules Every Woman Should Know and Follow

Women never feel fully dressed with a few coats of mascara. Unfortunately, women’s favorite beauty product can be pretty tough on the lashes, especially if you’re using waterproof mascara.

The eye area is the first to show the aging signs, and most of the wrinkles and lines are caused by the pulling and tugging we do on our eyelashes.

Follow these tips to keep your eyelashes healthy and your eye area youthful:

1. Take Collagen or Biotin Supplement Everyday

These two nutrients can really stimulate your lash growth. Biotin improves the foundation of keratin to help stop and possibly even reverse hair loss. Collagen is essential for healthy skin and lashes. It is rich in hyaluronic acid and borage oil, which have hydrating properties.

You can find biotin supplements at your local pharmacy or grocery store. Collagen supplements typically come in liquid form, but you can find it in pill or powder form at health food stores as well.

2. Use Mascara Carefully

Get a new mascara every 3 months, even if you still have liquid in your old one.
Using old mascara can dry out your lashes and possibly transmit bacteria into or around your eyes. And when you apply the mascara, apply it only on the tips of your lashes, never from root to tip.

3. Gently Remove Your Eye Makeup

Never sleep with your makeup on. It is very important to remove mascara before going to bed, because its stiffness can break lashes while you sleep. Also, never use too much pressure to wipe off the mascara, it can irritate the hair follicles, making your lashes fragile. This can also occur when using non-pH balanced soaps and cleansers that contain alcohol.

Grab a cotton ball and take your time when removing the mascara. Hold the cleansing water-drenched cotton over your eyelids for 30 seconds to loosen the mascara.

4. Avoid Constantly Getting Extension Treatments

Constantly getting extensions and using false lashes with harsh glue can damage your lash follicles and cause ripping and not growing of the hair. Still, if you use false lashes every day, then you should use a gentler glue.