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4 Health Benefits of Cream of Tartar

You probably have cream of tartar somewhere in the kitchen, maybe even a whole box sitting forgotten in your pantry. It’s time to dust is off (cream of tartar doesn’t go bad!) and put it to good use. Use cream of tartar to make perfect meringue recipes, voluminous whipped cream, thicken your soups or to prevent a formation of sugar crystals in your icings and frostings!

But besides great appearance and amazing taste, this ridiculously inexpensive powder has much more to offer – it takes care of your well-being. Now you have one more reason to make potassium bitartrate a part of your everyday diet.

Note: Make sure to consult with your doctor before using any of the following home remedies.

#1 Cream of Tartar Helps You Stop Smoking

Studies have shown that nicotine stays in the body for more than 48 hours! Cream of tartar is able to expel this harmful substance faster and, more importantly, make you fall out of love with smoking for good! For this purpose, potassium bitartrate powder is usually mixed with orange juice.

The type of orange juice that actually works is the freshly squeezed one because it contains high levels of vitamin C. This vitamin is quite deficient in smokers, due to the harmful chemicals in cigarettes. Increasing vitamin C helps you expel nicotine much faster and easier.

Mix half a teaspoon of potassium bitartrate in a glass of orange juice. Consume this mixture every night before going to bed, in a period of one month.

#2 Cream of Tartar Regulates Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is very often caused by potassium deficiency. Cream of tartar, as its other name (potassium bitartrate) suggests, is very rich in potassium. To be more precise, 3.5 oz. of this powder contains more than 16.000 mg potassium!

If you suffer from increased blood pressure levels, make sure to see your doctor first in order to determine whether it is caused by potassium deficiency. If the answer is affirmative, start consuming a mixture made with a glass of water and a teaspoon of potassium bitartrate every night before going to bed. Consume for 14-30 days, then see your doctor again to check if there is any improvement.

#3 Cream of Tartar Fights Urinary Tract Infections

Cream of tartar affects the pH value in the urine, making it a hostile environment for bacteria that causes urinary infections.

If you suffer from a urinary infection, combine one cup of lukewarm water with 1 ½ or 2 teaspoons of potassium bitartrate. For extra vitamin C, squeeze half a lemon or lime juice. Consume once or twice on a daily basis, in a period of 7-14 days. If you do not notice an improvement, make sure to see your doctor.

#4 Cream of Tartar Cleans Your Skin

Acidity in this multi-functional powder is the secret ingredient that makes it very effective against acne. However, experience has shown that it is much better to consume it orally than simply applying it onto the affected area. This makes it a pretty unique addition to any skincare routine as it’s one of the best ways to fight acne by ingesting something orally.

Combine one cup of orange juice or, alternatively, water (orange juice is definitely tastier, though) with a teaspoon of cream of tartar. Consume on a daily basis in a period of 30 days to flush out all the toxins and bacteria that cause the appearance of acne.