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4 Hair Colors That Look Great on Every Woman

Summer is here and it’s time to freshen up your hair color. Wondering what color will suit you best? Don’t worry, we have the answer for you. Choose one of these 4 hair colors and you’ll never go wrong because they’re perfect for every woman!

1. Chocolate Brown Hair Shade

These shades are virtually compatible with any skin tone, so choose your fave chocolate brown hair color and indulge. You’ll have the sweetest hair of all!

2. Color Melting 

Color melting is the new trend that allows colorists to use multiple tones of color to create seamless color from root to ends, whether you are a brunette or a blonde.

3. Honey Blonde Hair 

Choose from a range of dark honey blonde to light honey blonde hair color. The honey tones in this shade can add a rich warm glow to blonde hair.

4.  Ash Blonde Hair With Highlights 

Another brilliant hair trend on the rise is ash blonde hair. It takes traditional blonde and adds smudges of grey for a cool finish. It’s easy to wear and won’t make you stand out inappropriately.