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4 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for the Special Woman in Your Life

Believe it or not, the holiday season is right around the corner. Decorations are already going up, outside temperatures are dropping and you’re probably starting to wonder what you can buy for the amazing woman in your life.

Fear not, holiday shopping boyfriend or husband: The following suggestions will be welcomed and appreciated by your girlfriend, fiancée or wife:

1. Gourmet Cookies

If your sweetie pie has a sweet tooth, surprise her this holiday season with a delivery of gourmet cookies. For instance, Bang Cookies offers a tasty variety of delectable confections, and if you order eight or more, shipping is free. Browse their website to check out the inventory, which includes scrumptious options like pumpkin spice crackle and triple chocolate. The cookies are made from organic ingredients and are baked to order. Buy enough and chances are good your significant other will be willing to share a few with you. Now that’s true love.

2. Cooking Classes

You can approach this gift idea in several ways. If you and your lovely lady both enjoy cooking, signing up for a couples cooking class will demonstrate you want to spend quality time with her doing something you both enjoy. Or, if she has been casually suggesting that it’s time for you to beef up your cooking skills, the class will prove your devotion to her — and your desire to be better in the kitchen.

Either way, seek out local couples cooking classes to see what’s offered in your neck of the woods. For instance, Scottsdale-based Sweet Basil Gourmet offers a number of cooking classes, including one called Gourmet Couples. Then, register for a class and tuck the registration paper into a new set of cookware or a pretty set of wine glasses.

3. A Matching Bra and Panty Set

Most women feel more confident and sexier when they’re wearing something seductive. So, if your lady loves shopping for and wearing special lingerie, surprise her with a stylish matching set. If you’re not 100 percent sure what size your special someone wears, sneak a peek into her bra and panty drawer while she’s at work or out running errands. This way, you can be more confident that she’ll be able to wear what you picked out.

4. A Box Filled with Coffee Supplies

For the coffee addict in your life, surprise her with a gift box filled to the brim with all sorts of java-related goodies. For instance, if she’s been hinting at getting a new French press, start by adding one to the box and then surround it with a few pound bags of gourmet coffees, as well as a set of two festive mugs. This way, she can make a cup for you as well. You could also spring for a Keurig, along with several boxes of K-cups. Offer to make her first cup of coffee and she’ll be sure to appreciate the gesture.

Enjoy the Holidays with Your Special Someone

The love you have for your significant other is unmatched, so you no doubt want to present her with a gift this holiday season that’s personal and shows you “get” her. From delectable treats and a memorable experience you can share to sexy lingerie and/or coffee, your special lady will be sure to love your thoughtfulness and amazing gift.