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4 Great Exercise Alternatives if You Hate the Gym

Although gyms are naturally great places for those who are serious about a workout, they’re not for everybody. Whether you’d rather avoid the usual gym crowd, or whether you just hate the idea of being trapped in a room with other gym-goers whilst fighting over the equipment, there are many reasons why you might not want to take up that regular gym membership in order to stay active.

Instead, here are 4 alternative options for you, which will still see you happy and healthy.

1. Walk Everywhere

Walking is one of the best exercises you can do. By opting to consciously walk everywhere, you’re helping your fitness levels without even realizing you’re doing it the majority of the time. This could include always taking the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator, walking out for your lunch instead of staying at your work desk, and walking to the shop instead of taking the car. However many small changes you can make to walk more, it’ll all add up to a large, positive difference.

You can also start hiking and walking more outdoors if you’re serious about walking instead of hitting the gym. This ensures you can visit some fantastic places, scenery and fresh air – no competition when compared to a compact gym room!

2. Make Exercise Your Vacation Focus

What better time to try for improved fitness than during vacation time, when you’re feeling relaxed and ready to leave the stresses of everyday life behind?

Even if you’re only a fan of vacations that offer idyllic scenery and escapes, a fitness retreat abroad from Ultimate Fitness will see you paired with stunning locations and tailored health routines which will ensure that it never feels like a grueling workout. Fitness retreats mean that you can concentrate solely on your wellbeing and fitness against a backdrop of mountains, rainforests or even the ocean.

Beats looking at a row of metal gym equipment, right?

3. Hit the Pool

Although your local pool might be in the same fitness complex as your gym, it still doesn’t count as the gym itself. Swimming is hugely beneficial, and if you’re looking for a fantastic all-rounder when it comes to exercise, swimming targets every area of the body for the optimum full-body workout.

It can also leave you feeling extremely refreshed and rejuvenated.

4. Try a Self-Defense Class

If you’re looking for an alternative workout routine which will see you learning valuable skills, a self-defense class not only sees you exposed to a rigorous workout routine, but also lets you learn how to defend yourself and stay safe.

The benefit of a self-defense class is that you’ll be so focused on learning the moves and concentrating on your progression that you probably won’t even realize the full extent of your workout at all. After all, the best kind of exercise is when you’re not fully focused on a demanding routine that feels pressurized.

When you actively go to the gym, you’re focusing only on working out. With a self-defense class, you can let yourself look forward to learning some new skills, with fitness as an extra bonus.