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4 Fitness Suggestions From David Michigan for Active Women

Women are precious and deserve to be treated like gems. But there are many women who deliberately or un-deliberately choke their self by not accepting their physical self. One, of the most prominent reason for women to turn introvert and end up in depression, is weight issue and physical appearance.

But this is changing, a number of women are now actively taking up fitness regimes seriously to balance work and leisure. For these active women who keep up with work, home, personal and social activities, our instant-hit star fitness trainer David Michigan has some fantastic workable tips.

Let’s have a look what David has to offer as good counsel to the active women of today’s fast pacing world.


David pays a lot of attention towards right and balanced nutrition. Nutrients are essential for our body, and if our body lacks any of these essential vitamins or minerals, it won’t remain fit. Fitness is not only about getting into shape or building muscles. Fitness comes from within. Stamina, strength, and ability to fight diseases to remain healthy are integral to achieving Fitness. For all active women, taking a well balanced, nutrients filled diet is essential

Diet Planning:

Plan your diet according to your calorie requirements. To stay fit this is a crucial aspect where you need to concentrate. It doesn’t mean that you worked out in the gym so you can get much all the burgers and pizzas throughout the day. Today work is more centered to desk work, meaning you have to keep sitting at your desk staring into your laptop and doing your job. David insists that such working women must pay close attention toward their diet. Let protein, fiber, iron, potassium, and magnesium be a significant portion of your diet.

 Exercising/ training:

To stay fit you must exercise every day. If you don’t have the time to hit a gym, workout at home. David says that exercising can be replaced by walking, jogging, skipping rope, aerobics or yoga and meditation if our active women don’t have time for the gym. Take out 10-15 minutes for yourself to keep fit and if you wish to take your fitness to the next level try harder to inculcate a daily routine of exercising at home early morning or in the evening.

 Mental coaching:

Fitness is incomplete if your mind is not at peace. David emphasis on attaining a mind-body balance. He has this unique hypnosis training sessions that can help you control your mind in 6 very simple to learn ways. When you learn to control your mind, you can stay focused, remain confident and happy and quickly achieve your life goals. Mental health is the secrets of body fitness. Handling office and home are very hectic, and these active women can get some peace of mind amidst all the juggling using the mental sessions from David.

Well, these are some sage words and accurate to be adopted. If you are an active woman who struggles between work and home and personal self, following these tips are inevitably going to change your life.