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4 Essential Inclusions in a Wedding Trousseau

As the days of your singlehood pass by and the D day approaches closer, the wedding frenzy begins to grow. The stress, excitement, happiness and anticipation is inversely proportional to the days left in the wedding. There are a lot of things that occupy the couple and the family, but for the bride, particularly, the shopping is a hell of a matter! You can believe that the girl gang’s shopping does not end till the last day! But the most important and the most special thing for the bride is her trousseau.

A wedding trousseau is not only an elaborate list but also the most time consuming of all. The shopping for the trousseau begins months ago from the day of the wedding. A lot of people confuse the trousseau with just extensive shopping of clothes and dresses, but there is much more to it. A trousseau must not just include clothes for the wedding or the honeymoon, but also the required accessories and cosmetics (beside the heavy makeup) in it. Well, if you are going to get married and begin with a new life with the person you love the most, you cannot do it with the same old accessories and appliances, isn’t it?

We are listing a few essential elements for all the young, to be brides out there and also for other beautiful ladies to keep in mind while they are building their trousseau.

Hair appliances- you can’t always have good hair days naturally and you cannot always go to a salon to get the hair you want which will make you feel no less than a queen. So, on such days you will have to help yourself. When you begin with your trousseau shopping, do not just research about makeup and clothes, make sometime and do find out some information about hair appliances like a straightener and a blow dry (these two are a compulsion). With these two magical instruments in your bag, you can master any style, flaunt your locks in any manner and have good hair days always!

Comfortable clothing for honeymoon- while there maybe many gowns and dresses that will be drawing your attention and you must be in complete awe of them, and all your friends must be suggesting you to buy them, but you must step back and question yourself whether you want them or not! You must already be heaps of such clothes that are meant to make you gleam at any dinner party. For your honeymoon you must buy something comfortable, like comfy jumpsuits or playsuits, or a simple dress, tees and shorts will also do! You would not want to waste a single minute of your honeymoon or be uncomfortable even for a second. Also, do not forget to keep a pair of night suits for yourself!

Classy lingerie- It is time to bid adieu to your regular t-shirt bra or the sports bra and put on some fancy stuff to surprise your love! Well, your trousseau is incomplete without a few sets of luxury lingerie when you are newly wedded woman or you are off to your honeymoon. There is no harm in buying some intricate lacy lingerie or maybe something with fur or a corset. Bridal lingerie of your favorite brands can be easily bought from Blossom Lingerie where you will find a huge variety of beautiful lingerie sets to choose from. What is a better time to experiment other than the honeymoon in this context!

A new fragrance- women have a special affection towards their chosen fragrance and might not change it for a long time if at all they fall in love with one perfume. But it is the time of the life where everything will change! With the new life, you must consider changing your fragrance as well. Buy a new fragrance for yourself while you are still shopping for the trousseau.  

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