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4 Digital Distance Tools That Could Replace Your Tape Measure

It is a necessity to use the tape measure for various purposes such as DIY, but when it comes to measuring the larger distances, the digital measuring device offers a lot of advantages and are more accurate. One will be easily able to do the measuring of larger distances, and this efficient tool can easily measure the volume, area and many other things with the pressing of one button. There are various Laser distance measurer reviews that you can check out. If you want to know more of this device, then you have come to the right place. This article will take a look at the 4 Digital Distance Tools That Could Replace Your Tape Measure.

4  Digital Distance Tools That Could Replace Your Tape Measure:

Bosch GLM 15: This is one of the best yet simple digital measuring tools that one can use with ease. Although it doesn’t have the coolest features unlike the other digital tools in the market, it definitely can measure the distances in the accurate possible way. There are no complicated features of this digital measuring tool, and all it requires is the click of one button to help you to know the distances instantly. This device comes handy for the realtors and designers, and it is very portable and easy to carry around. One can easily fit this device in the purse or a pocket. This device can easily measure up to 50 feet, and it has got an accuracy of 1/8 inches. It only costs about $50 only.

Fluke 424D: This is another digital distance tool that is sophisticated, and it can easily measure up to 330 feet, and it comes with the option of 180-degree inclination sensor, which is crucial when it comes to the tracking of the height and leveling. It also offers the option of corner angle and compass as well.

Milwaukee 2282 laser distance meter: If one is looking for the heavy duty construction work and more accuracy, then this device is the best choice that one can easily opt for. This measuring device can easily measure up to 260 feet, and it also comes with the accuracy of 1/6-inch. This device has got the smart horizontal mode, and this will provide with the accurate measurement without any hassle by factoring the angle in the unit. This device also offers various types of seven functions that can be used for calculating the length, area, indirect measurements, stake out, timer, volume and other smart horizontal equations.

Leica Disto D2 Laser Distance Measurer: this is another handy digital measuring device one can easily opt for. It has a very compact shape and design and is used for taking the indoor construction measurements. It can instantly carry out the measurements, and it is also dust and splash resistant, and it can measure up to 200 feet, and it has got an accuracy of 1/16- inches.