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4 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Natural Facelift

A facelift, also known as Rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that focuses on delivering a youthful facial appearance. The practice involves tasks such as removal of excess facial skin, tightening loose skin around the jaw lines, forehead, brows, cheeks, eyelids and wrinkles and many more. The number of women going for facelift procedure in the United States is higher than that of men. What makes it convenient is that the procedure takes a short time (2-5 hours) meaning the patient can go back home on the same day. Recovery time varies depending on the patient, but those with good health often experiences swelling for only ten days after the procedure. Patients can resume their work after two weeks. However, those who don’t want surgical procedures can go for natural facelift procedures. Some of the things involved in natural facelift include facial tension release, chin lift, and cheek firming exercises.

To correct droopy jowls and saggy chins

Loose or sagging skin is a clear sign of aging. A facelift helps to tighten up the loose skin and counter the effects of volume loss, time and exposure to the sun. Tightening of the neck and facial muscles are done to remove excess skin without necessarily pulling or making the skin tight. This results in smooth, youthful skin with no pinches or tight look. Since the procedure is performed naturally, it doesn’t cause excessive swelling or complicated post-surgical headaches.

To eliminate deep creases

Fine lines and deep wrinkles can steal one’s self-esteem. When one age, loss in tissues and volume can leave the face appear worn out and fallen. Proper positioning and augmentation with fillers or fat, can help restore deep creases naturally. It also relaxes the nasolabial lines, making one look naturally. Instant face lifting serum is often used to tighten smoothen wrinkles, frown lines, and nasolabial folds.

Redefine and tighten up the neck

Drooped and wrinkled skin around the neck can make one appear many decades older than they really are. Such saggy and fatty neck skin has been given names such as gobblers, multiple chine and turkey neck. Drooping skin can be very embarrassing. Although some would resort to wearing a turtleneck and high-collar shirts, the problem can stay forever. A natural facelift can help correct the problem quickly. It can redefine the jawline and neck.

You look amazing without undergoing any surgical procedure

The fear of others knowing that one was operated on can really hound them for long. It is even worse in case the face looks overstretched. A natural facelift can make one attain a youthful look without necessarily undergoing invasive surgical procedures. For best results, it is advisable to find an experienced doctor who can deliver the best facelift results without leaving behind any visible signs of incisions and other adverse side effects. In fact, when done properly, facelift results can be permanent.

A facelift can help correct various flaws on the face and neck. It can restore both self-esteem and self-confidence. A natural facelift can make one look amazing without going through any surgery, enjoy redefined neck and chin, resolve saggy chins and eliminate deep creases.

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