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4 Best African Dresses for Women

They come in many different exotic styles and vibrant colorful prints, and they are something you need to have. Yes, we are talking about African dresses.

Since fashion is evolving, so are the African print dresses all over the world. You absolutely need one, and here, we are going to give you our best African dresses and how to choose them to fit your shape perfectly!

Before you buy: 5 things to consider when purchasing a dress

Buying a dress, although not a complicated operation, can be a pain. Even if you don’t think so, choosing the right dress can be tricky. Here we give you several things to consider when buying a dress:

1. Color

One of the crucial things to consider when buying a dress is color. Since you already know, color makes all the difference in the world. Color gives meaning to everything, especially clothing. Additionally, each color has a different meaning. When purchasing a dress or any clothes in general, the thing that should direct you is your complexion.

Choosing the right dress in a color that’s flattering to your skin tone and even eye color will help you stand out. Some unwritten rule or guideline says that if you a dark skin tone you should choose bold colors. Bold and bright colors will really pop and complement your skin tone. And pastels are another good choice and will make you stand out in a crowd. What you should avoid are black and other deep tones.

If you have a light or fair skin tone try pastels like pastel blue, mint green, periwinkle, baby pink, and heather gray. All these colors should complement your skin tone nicely.

In contrast, if your skin tone is olive you will look best wearing earth tones and metallics. You can also try gold, forest green, brown, mustard yellow, and cranberry red.

Different colors complement different skin tones, that’s why you shouldn’t feel sad if your favorite color doesn’t complement your skin tone. Simply try out different shades of that same color and you just may find the perfect fit!

2. Patterns

There is nothing more disappointing than buying a dress with the loveliest pattern, only to find out that the lovely pattern makes your shoulders look way too wide and your waist too narrow. Or it makes you look even shorter than you are.

Different patterns on the clothes depict different things. They can be used to create various forms and shapes when they are combined. Lines are used in different clothes to create different visual impressions. The type of line or pattern you select could make you thinner, shorter, taller, or even heavier.

African print dresses come with many beautiful patterns and colors, and it can be very tricky choosing a dress that will complement our figure and make the dress look amazing and flattering.

Meaning, some patterns may not complement your body the way you want them to. That’s why, before buying patterned dresses, do the research, find out which pattern is flattering on you and which is not. Don’t spend your money on dresses you will throw in the dark part of your closet, that contains clothes you loved but that did nothing for your figure. And don’t pretend that part of your closet doesn’t exist – we know it does. And every girl has it!

3. Body type

Broadly speaking, choosing the right dress for your body type should be a piece of cake. However, women know that this is often the most difficult thing to do when purchasing a dress – choosing a dress that fits your body type perfectly!

First thing that should be clear to all of us is that there is no such thing as perfect size or perfect body.
For example, women with fuller hips and thighs, have what is known as pear-shaped body. The dress they choose shouldn’t be shorter than an inch or two above the knee. They should also select a dress with an A-line skirt but nothing too full. A short, full dress might look like a tu-tu on them.

If you have an apple-shaped body, meaning you have a thicker middle, you’d want to elongate the appearance of your torso and draw the attention away from your waist. Try choosing a dress with an empire or drop waist to re-define your waist line. Additionally, avoid thick belts cinched around your midsection and instead choose a chain or sash belt slung low on your hips.

Also, if you have fuller arms, sleeveless and cap-sleeve dresses are best avoided. As an alternative select billowy, bell sleeves that are three-quarters or even full-length to flatter your upper body.

4. Occasion

Another thing that you should consider when choosing a dress, is the occasion. Different occasions or events require different dress styles. You can’t go to a wedding wearing a dress you would wear for a business meeting.

With that in mind, there are formal dresses and dresses that you can wear casually. When buying a formal dress for any occasion, you must consider the styles and trends that will make your dress worth it. The few things which must be considered when selecting a formal dress are style, comfort, and color. The dresses must look elegant and enhance your personality and style.

Formal dresses are usually made for occasions, so you must choose a dress that will not only complement your style, but will also reflect your happiness.

5. Season

Season are something that we learn to live with, and thus dress accordingly. In winter times since it cold, our clothing is normally warmer and heavier, so it makes no sense to buy light, summer dresses during winter. Also, it makes no sense buying winter clothes during summer. Unless you are buying in advance. However, keep in mind, that fashion is a living, breathing thing that changes yearly, if not monthly. Hence, buying in advance can be very tricky.

Similar to the casual clothing, formal clothing also needs to follow seasons. When attending spring or summer wedding try to avoid wearing long and heavy satin dresses, but do consider wearing them in winter.

The 4 Best African dresses
1. Genet African Print Faux Wrap Maxi Dress

There is a reason this dress is our number one, and just by looking at, it you can see why. Maxi and oversized dresses come and go out of style regularly, and right now we can’t be happier that this design is back in style. Despite the fact that women love to show off their curvy body shapes and sleek, in shape bodies, somehow maxi and oversized clothing makes them look even better. These types of dresses are made of bold, eye-catching colors and prints that will make you feel warm inside. And not to mention you will make heads turn with this style. They are easy to style and make them look even sexier.

Genet African Print Faux Wrap Maxi dress comes in all sizes and it’s made to compliment your figure. The color of this dress is magnificent in yellow and blue circles print, and cotton material and the cut of the dress is amazing. It’s comfortable and elegant and fits perfectly, and the added plus is its faux wrap, so that the bust isn’t lopsided or problematic to tie.

The dress comes with long sleeves with gathered elastic at the wrist and an invisible zipper on center back. It also features hidden side pockets and a faux wrap neckline with pleated skirt with attached sash. The full length of the dress is 58’’ and its unlined. What you can expect is a 100% African print cotton. The only downside, although very small, is the length of the dress, which is the same for all the sizes.


There aren’t enough words to describe how perfect this dress is. The colors, print and style, everything about this dress screams Africa! And that is precisely what we love about it!

If you think that you wouldn’t be able to pull off waring this dress, don’t be so sure. Give it a try and you might be surprised by how well maxi dresses look on you! Beautiful bold colors and a unique print is what make this dress so swoon-worthy.

-Faux wrap neckline with pleated skirt  The length
– 100% African print
-Great quality

2. African Print Floral Pussy-Bow Maxi Dress – THALIA

Our second on this list of best African dresses is another maxi dress. It’s cut from authentic African wax fabric and it’s printed with bold color florals against a white background. The pussy-bow ties at the front, while long, fitted sleeves and a gathered skirt add to the statement look.

Another magnificent maxi dress, unique in style and print. It comes in all sizes and it has fitted long sleeves and gathered skirt with side pockets. The untraditional thing about this dress features a pussy-bow neckline. It’s made from 100% African wax cotton, and fabric has no stretch whatsoever!

The only problem with this dress is the sleeves, that on some women may look either too short or long. They can also look funny, since there is no stretch in them, so you might have to get them altered a bit.

Vibrant colors and very well-made style, perfect for all kinds of celebrations. The material is practical and easy to maintain. If you’re into feminine and eye-catching design, then this lovely dress is ideal for you.


-Fabric practical and easy to maintain

-No stretch in the sleeves

– Classy and comfortable dress

-100% African print

3. Kenda African Print Sleeveless Pencil Dress with Stretch

From maxi dresses to body-con dresses, African print is versatile. The choice of dresses you wear shows off your personality in every way. African dresses come in plenty of styles and more importantly, they meet all the needs of current fashions. That’s why, if you thought that there is no African style dress that reflects your personality, you were very wrong.

This fitted dress comes in signature bold African prints and colors. Kenda African Print Sleeveless Pencil dress is made of African printed stretch knit fabric, that gives away your lovely curves perfectly! The dress also features a sexy chest cut out.

It’s a knee length fitted sleeveless pencil dress with chest cut out. It’s made of one of a kind Onna stretch African print fabric that has a center back invisible zipper. This pencil dress features blue and orange flower pattern – which are very beautiful!

The knee length and body-con dresses, although very beautiful, may not fit every body type. If you decide to purchase this dress, make sure that this design is flattering on your figure.

The vibrant colors, stretch material and the chest cut out – this dress is elegant and classy in all the right ways.

– Beautiful colors  Not flattering on every body-type
-Stretch fabric
-100% African print

4. African Print Ayoola Midi Dress

If you’re looking to make a statement then this dress style is ideal for you. Another body-con dress with beautiful, eye-catching colors and prints. If you are amongst the people who don’t like sleeved dresses, then you are going to love this strapless, fitted, midi dress.

This African Print Midi Dress will ensure that you always stand out from the crowd, for all the right reasons. It is made from quality African wax cotton – and it is created with high quality boning and interfacing, that gives Ayoola its gorgeous shape.

Ayoola dress features strapless sweetheart neckline and a back-zipper closure. It comes in several sizes, and with the perfect midi length. Vibrant colors and unique, classy design are what make this dress ideal for various occasions.
The downsides of this dress are the length and pattern – which will fit only certain body types. Once again, be careful when buying these types of dresses. You wouldn’t want to buy a dress that does nothing for your figure.

If you want to receive compliments all the while you’re wearing a dress – then this one is made for you. It is a dress made to stand out. It features vibrant, eye-catching colors and prints that will make everyone stop and look at you!

-Comfortable  Not for every body type
– Vibrant colors
-100% African print

How to Care for African Wax Print Fabrics

The rise in popularity of African print clothing is making a wave in the fashion industry. The vibrant and exhilarating colors of these fabrics is what makes them so unique and beautiful. African clothing is, in general, made from fine fabrics. Popular fabrics range from 100% plain cotton, printed cotton (wax print), cotton-kente, and cotton brocade with elaborate designs woven into the fabrics. Many African outfits come with heavy embroideries, usually hand crafted, which require careful handling and care.

Most of the African clothing are made from 100% cotton or wax cotton. Clothes made from such fabrics have a tendency to shrink if not properly cared for. You should follow the recommended care instructions in order to get the best out of your unique African clothes.

Most, if not all of the African print dresses should be hand washed separately with warm water and mild detergent. You should avoid washing them in the washing machine. Do not bleach them! Turn them inside out if ironing and also, iron with cool iron or using the setting for cotton. Ideally, you should hang them to dry.

These are the instructions you should follow in order to keep your clothes last longer and to keep their color always as vibrant as the day you bought them.

And with these care instructions we come to an end of our African dress review!

We hope you liked this review. Keep in mind that this is our opinion, if you disagree, that is completely ok since everyone is entitled their own opinion.

Have you ever bought an African dress? What’s your experience with them? Which dress is your favorite? We’d love to hear from you!

Your feedback and comments are always welcome no matter the topic. All comments and suggestions are welcome.