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3 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Posture

A healthy posture is critical for standing, sitting, walking, and certain lying positions. When a person has a healthy posture, their body parts are aligned correctly and are supported by muscle tension and the force of gravity.

It is difficult for individuals to consciously maintain a correct posture. Even when people visit a chiropractor consistently, gravity and time can take their toll on the body. Large muscle groups within the back are responsible for keeping a person’s posture in upright and sturdy. However, bad posture can still creep into people’s lives even with the support of these large muscles and spinal cord.

Additionally, if you account for the giant boom in technology over the past decade, peoples’ postures are having a hard time keeping up. Due to increased cellphone and computer use, people are developing rounded shoulders and a slumped posture. The good news is, even after years of experiencing this, it is still possible to stand taller. Here, we review 3 ways to dramatically improve your posture.

Understanding the Importance of Good Posture

Proper Posture Protects the Spine

Good posture is integral for the health of the spine. When a person does not have good posture, their blood flow can become constricted. They will also likely experience pain, due to tension being placed on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in their body. Poor posture can create pressure on the spine and could eventually lead to disc compression.

Good Posture Improves Muscle Function

A healthy posture protects muscle function. Sitting or standing with good posture helps to prevent muscle wear and tear. When the muscles of the body do not receive adequate blood flow and cannot function normally, the range of motion becomes lessened and pain increases. Muscles that are compressed by poor posture can become damaged.

How to Improve Your Posture?

1.)       Standing Tall is Important

Improving posture takes a concerted effort and will not happen overnight. In the beginning, it will require a conscious approach. As the supportive muscles begin to strengthen, good posture will come naturally. The following are some of the ways people can improve their posture.

Standing tall makes people have better posture. Although it may sound like common sense to some, it is easily lost in the subconscious mind as a motor skill that we take for granted and forget about. Individuals should imagine they are standing against a flat wall. Hold your head straight and be careful to tuck in the chin. This takes practice, but is worth the effort.

2.)       Exercise Strengthens the Core Muscles

Many people slouch because they have excess fat in the tummy area. Their core muscles may also be weak. Exercise helps to strengthen the major muscle groups, offering more control for holding the body upright. Non-impact exercises, like tai chi, are beneficial. Once your core muscles improve, other muscles will follow suit and gain strength to increase the overall wellness of your body.

3.)       Seek Regular Chiropractic Adjustments

Poor posture wreaks havoc on the spine and supporting structures. Chiropractic adjustments help to ensure the spine is protected, by realigning the vertebrae. Subluxations can occur with poor posture. A chiropractor can help their patients improve and protect their posture. Seeking regular visits can help to maintain your body’s strength and overall health.

Get Started Right Away

Although posture is mostly handled subconsciously, poor sitting and standing habits can further exacerbate a posture problem. It is not too late to improve posture. It takes a daily focus and exercise to change the way the body aligns itself. With the right effort and regular chiropractic adjustments, people can begin to see improvements. Now is a perfect time to get started on improving poor posture in people of all ages.