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3 Simple Pieces You Need To Create A Classic Wardrobe

Fashion used to run on two seasons a year. But now, trends are staying around for years, not just six months. With fashion trends now seen as outdated fads, how can you stay true to your personal style?

Trend forecaster Chrissy Hilton-Gee states “The trend cycle is diverging down two separate paths, we still have high-speed fashion with a short turnaround – but we also have these slow-burning trends that shift very subtly…”

With the rise of social media, fashion week and more importantly the fashion industry, rapidly became a victim of its own success. The catwalk shows were seen as industry previews with only the most prestigious names in the fashion world being invited. Fast forward to the last decade, where looks have been shared all over the world, seconds after being debuted. Making it harder for designers to get customers excited about these looks six months later, when the high street had been producing copies for months.

Female clothes on hangers and shoes

Let’s look at 3 traditional pieces that will always stand the test of trend times.

The Breton T-Shirt

Known as a firm fashion favourite because it works in every situation, the Breton also has some cool history behind it. Originally adopted as the official French Navy uniform, easily spotted if a sailor went overboard. 21 stipes, one for each of Napoleon’s victories. It broke onto the fashion scene in 1917, when Coco Chanel made it the focal point of her nautical collection.

There is many ways a Breton tee can be worn from pairing a loose fitted style with a pair of frayed denim shorts, white sneakers and statements shades for a classic summer look. For a smarter take on this classic piece, team your tee with a pair of wide leg statement trousers or jeans and a pair of wedge platforms.

For more inspiration, check out Glamour’s 12 ways to style your striped top.

The Tailored Trouser

Gone are the days when tailored trousers mean ill fitted white shirts and a polyester blazer on top. Take inspiration from Victoria Beckham and pair yours with a roll-neck grey jumper and Adidas Stan Smiths for an updated looked.

Finding the perfect pair might take time, so it’s best to think hard about the shapes and styles that work for you. If you are short, a high waist will do wonders for your proportions, but an overly wide leg will drown out your shape.  Top tip – Don’t be afraid to take your high street trousers to your local tailor for the perfect fit.

Once you’ve found the perfect pair for you, buy them in black, navy and grey, ensuring you have a solid fashion foundation to build on.

The White Shirt

A crisp white shirt will make up the basis of any capsule wardrobe. Acting as a blank canvas, it can be used to freshen up and outdated looks. From crisp cotton to soft silk, the material you chose will make a difference to the overall feel and look of your shirt.

Try tucking into a pair of high waisted denim flares and adding a neck tie, or with masculine tailored trousers and structed leather brogues for an androgynous work look. If you feel like making a fashion statement for date night or dinner with the girls. Try layering a black plunge slip dress over a classic oxford shirt, not forgetting to roll up the sleeves up. Finish the look off with your favourite killer heels.

Once you’ve found a great white shirt, make sure you look after it properly and dry clean your favourites. It’s important to look after your key pieces, to ensure they can carry you through to next season!

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