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3 Revolutionary Skin Care Innovations That Will Eliminate Puffy Eyes, Acne and Wrinkles

Are you dreaming of a treatment for under-eye bags or of a cure for acne? Well, these great future innovations will definitely make your dreams come true.

Drops That Will Make Puffiness Around Eyes Disappear

People constantly tell you that you look tired? Well, no need to worry because puffy eyes can become history. Everything started at the ophthalmologists’ offices where patients were given drops for their glaucoma. The doctor noticed interesting side-effects, the drops reduced the inflammation around the eye sockets and decreased the puffiness.

“We all have layers of fat that sit right under the eyelid skin. It helps protect the eye from injury, but as we age, it tends to slip forward, contributing to swelling. The glaucoma drops ‘melt away’ that orbital fat, so the eye sinks deeper into the socket,” says North Carolina optometrist Jennifer Lyerly.

The ingredients XAF5, that is found in the medication binds to the fat cells and causes them to atrophy, process that eliminated pads around the eyes.

Acne Preventive Gel

Some of the main treatments for dealing with acne include oral antibiotics, retinoids and benzoyl peroxide. Although these treatments can eliminate acne, they come with drawbacks. Antibiotics can cause antibiotic resistance and benzoyl and retinoids can cause irritation. The biopharmaceutical company called Dermirahas developed a new gel called DRM01. What makes this gel effective is that it’s preventive.

“DRM01 inhibits oil production by targeting an enzyme essential to the creation of the fatty acids that are a key component of sebum”, says Eugene Bauer, MD, co-founder and chief medical officer of Dermira.

Mask That Will Hide Your Wrinkles

Have you ever heard about the technology that allows you to paint on an invisible polymer which is a kind of silicone that provides support to tighten and lift your skin? Researchers have been testing this revolutionary finding on the eye area but they all agree that it has many potential applications. The film could be used on spots where your skin has lost thickness and elasticity and it would be great for people suffering from eczema. This revolutionary product is waiting to be FDA approved and it’s not sure when it’s going to be available to the public.