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3 Reasons Why You Need Pregnancy Shoes

Are you an expectant mother? Depending on what stage you are at in your pregnancy, you may or may not have considered pregnancy shoes. While they may not seem like a priority in the grand scheme of things, there are necessary benefits to wearing a pregnancy shoe.

At some point in your pregnancy, your baby “bump” is going to prevent (or severely hinder) your ability to put on your own shoes. You may not think of that as a problem, maybe you decided you’ll wear slip on shoes.

Soon you will come to discover that not all slip ons are created equal. More so – slip on shoes are not necessarily sneakers. Here are three reasons why you need pregnancy shoes.

You Can’t Reach Your Feet

It is inevitable – you have planned for your pregnancy for months (perhaps years), and now the nursery is decorated, the baby shower was a joy, and now you are about five months along.  You sit down to put on your comfy sneakers and you realize you can’t reach your feet, let alone put on a pair of sneakers.

To state the obvious, when you’re pregnant you are (eventually) going to have a pretty large “bump” blocking the view of your now overly swelled feet. You may not need to see your feet to put on shoes, but actually being able to reach them with a bump is impossible.

Having to bend over, or trying to bend your leg up to put on shoes is unacceptable when you are pregnant. Especially due to the fact that if you have to adjust your shoe for any reason outside of the home, you won’t necessarily have a place to sit. Trying to adjust your shoes while standing with a bump in-view, does not make for an easy situation, or a safe one.

A pregnancy shoe, such as the slide on sneakers made by Kizik, can help you avoid the situation all together. Their patented collapsible heel design means you can shove your feet in the shoe, and the heel pops back up on its own. You will never have to worry about “reaching” your feet again!

You Hate Squished Heels

Pregnant or not, it has happened to all of us. We are running out the door and our shoes are laying there, still tied because that is how we left them last. We are in a hurry so we don’t bend or sit down to put them on – we push our step-sister sized feet inside and bash down on the heel. Now the heels are squished! If you agree that’s bad, imagine trying to kneel down to fix that with a baby bump, no thank you.

Overtime, heel squishing becomes a larger problem. Eventually, this type of wear on the heel will destroy the sneaker. Not only will it no longer be comfortable, it isn’t fixable and you will have to replace your shoe. And if you’re a pregnant woman, you wouldn’t be able to wear these at all!

What a pregnant mother needs is a hands free sneaker, one that you can easily slide on and off while remaining standing straight up. The pregnancy shoe developed by Kizik has a solution. Their patented, collapsible cage technology provides the convenience of a hands free slip-on but the full support of a sneaker. One of the benefits of Kizik is that you can finally kiss your old sneakers with their smashed heels goodbye. No more squishing!

You Have Style

When your pregnancy is over, your life as a new mom (or a mom, again), is never the same. Yet, that doesn’t change the reality that you are still you – and that you want quality, stylish shoes.

You probably have countless maternity clothes and other pregnancy products left over that only worked for you for the duration of the pregnancy itself. You needed all of these items at the time but preparing for a new addition to the family is expensive enough. It is important that a pregnant mom can utilize an important purchase such as shoes longer than just a few months.

The price for any type of sneaker ranges considerably. Some will argue that the more expensive the shoe, the better it is made. While that may be true on some level, it only emphasizes the fact that when investing in a quality pregnancy shoe you want the style to last beyond the pregnancy.

Mothers who tried hands free pregnancy shoes spoke to enjoying them long after their babies arrived. The need for a stylish shoe that doesn’t scream “pregnancy shoes” after the baby is born has finally been met!

These are the main reasons why you need to purchase a quality pregnancy shoe, it’s one less thing to worry about.