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3 Reasons to Take an Alaskan Cruise

Believe it or not, it’s time, once again, to plan your annual vacation. This year, you’re vowing for change and to do something different. After all, you’ve hit some of the more typical vacation spots, and while it was great, you’re now ready to bust out your inner adventurer and experience a different part of the world.

One vacation idea that will satisfy these requirements and more is to take a cruise to Alaska. If you’ve never traveled to our 49th state and are a newbie to cruise ships, this trip will allow you to see the Last Frontier in a whole new way.

Still not yet convinced? Here are three reasons why cruising to Alaska will provide you and your guests with an unparalleled experience:

1. It’s More Affordable than You Think

If you automatically equate a cruise with spending tons of money, you might want to think again. Cruising to Alaska is often much more affordable than other types of vacations.

In fact, Princess offers a wide range of Alaskan cruises for 2019 that last anywhere from a week to 17 days and start at just under $600 per person.

When you think about a week-long hotel stay, plus the cost of meals and a rental car, cruising quickly becomes a very budget-friendly option.

2. It’s Not Always Freezing Cold

While you may understandably think Alaska is covered in snow year-round, that’s not necessarily the case. For instance, in July the average temperature in Anchorage is a pleasant 65 degrees, while Fairbanks can see highs in the 80s. In general, if you head to Alaska in the late spring, summer or early fall, you should be able — and fortunate — to experience some reasonable conditions without a speck of snow.

3. The Scenery is Phenomenal

Another reason to consider an Alaskan cruise is the gorgeous scenery you’ll see along the way; after all, the state is home to an estimated 100,000 glaciers and tons of wildlife, including moose, eagles, caribou and more.

Plus, cruise ships plan their voyages with scenery in mind, meaning you’ll be able to capture some incredible photos of glaciers and critters from the comfort of the cruise liner. Indeed, this will be much easier than trying to drive through scenic areas and pulling over every time you want to take a photo.

A Few Quick Tips for Packing and Preparing

Now, before you book your Alaskan cruise, it might be a good idea to think about the likelihood of you getting seasick. Because if you’ve ever gone out on a friend’s sailboat and came back looking green around the gills, choosing a lower deck room that’s closer to the middle of the boat might be a good and safe option.

This way, you’ll feel less movement while on board. You might also want to select a room that’s not directly under a lounge or restaurant, which will prevent you from being disturbed by noise. Additionally, while the weather in Alaska won’t necessarily be freezing cold, plan on packing at least one jacket, some pants and a sweater and/or sweatshirt. Tossing a winter hat into your luggage is also not a bad idea.

The Last Frontier is Calling Your Name: It’s Time to Answer!

You’re to be commended for wanting to try something new on your next vacation. As you can see, taking a cruise to Alaska is a fun, adventurous and great idea. You’ll no doubt love the relaxing cruise, amazing scenery and ports of call so much that you’ll be ready to start prioritizing cruises over other types of vacation ideas.