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3 Key Pieces For Your Functional Wardrobe This Year 

One of the tricky things about fashion is that it is always in flux. What’s hot today might not be as hot next year. To avoid stuffing your wardrobe with useful clothes, here are some basic items for a functional and beautiful wardrobe.

Today the slow-fashion movement is becoming increasingly popular in the world.

This means a small wardrobe that centers around functionality. One of the first ways to assemble a functional wardrobe is to choose quality over quantity when you purchase your clothes. And also, to generally pick clothing items that can be easily paired with other clothing pieces and accessories. Here are the three must-have pieces for a functional wardrobe this year.

Fashionable Socks for Women 

Not much is as versatile and unique as clothing for women and today there’s a myriad of choices. If you however keep your wardrobe small, you may find it easier to transform ordinary outfits with fashionable socks for women in different colors, sizes, and unique designs. Here, there’s something for every taste. Choose, for example, stylish socks made with organic cotton that feels good on your skin, especially in the warmer summer days. You have socks with vibrant colors and patterns like dots and squares that go with any casual outfit, or socks with fun cowboys, spaceships, and animals. There are different themed socks like western or space-themed, or socks with very popular and cheerful fruit prints like yellow bananas and red cherries. The colorful and fun socks are perfect for the streetwear style that is becoming more and more gender-fluid, and you can pair them with cool sneakers, sunglasses, or blazers, regardless of the season.

The Classic White Shirt and Blazer

Having classical pieces as a part of your wardrobe is essential to make it functional and keep the minimalist style for many years. The basic white T-shirt is a global crowd favorite, especially in the hot summer months. The white color not only pleases the eyes, but it looks even more beautiful contrasted with a summer tan. Basic white tees are also very easy to pair with other stylish clothing items and accessories, such as blazers and jackets, whether the colors are bold or neutral. If you should want to jazz up this classic clothing piece, you can always choose to go with an off-white version and opt for different nuances of pale yellow.

Sundress and Stylish Sunglasses

Nothing says summer more than a sundress. The key to finding a good sundress is choosing one that you can wear for many different occasions. Here, versatility is key, as it is when it comes to building a functional wardrobe. Longer styles have become very popular with, for example, fashion bloggers, as well as classic white options and neutral hues. But you can also choose different patterns or bold colors. Also, opt for quality and choose a dress that will feel comfortable and soothing against your skin, and one you can use underneath jackets and blazers in the fall and winter.