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3 Huskies Saved a Kitten From Dying and Became Best Friends

Nobody knew if the kitten Rosie would live 6 months ago. She was on the verge of dying and no one knew her destiny. Thanks to the Husky Lilo, who saved her, Rosie made an incredible recovery and now is a lucky member of a loving family.

Rosie really fits in her new family and she makes an incredible family member! She now has her best Husky friends and enjoys a life filled with happiness and love!

You must see this cute friendship!

Huskies-Saved-a-Kitten-From-Dying-and-Became-Best-Friends-1 Huskies-Saved-a-Kitten-From-Dying-and-Became-Best-Friends-2 Huskies-Saved-a-Kitten-From-Dying-and-Became-Best-Friends-3 Huskies-Saved-a-Kitten-From-Dying-and-Became-Best-Friends-4 Huskies-Saved-a-Kitten-From-Dying-and-Became-Best-Friends-5 Huskies-Saved-a-Kitten-From-Dying-and-Became-Best-Friends-6 Huskies-Saved-a-Kitten-From-Dying-and-Became-Best-Friends-7 Huskies-Saved-a-Kitten-From-Dying-and-Became-Best-Friends-8 Huskies-Saved-a-Kitten-From-Dying-and-Became-Best-Friends-9 Huskies-Saved-a-Kitten-From-Dying-and-Became-Best-Friends-10 Huskies-Saved-a-Kitten-From-Dying-and-Became-Best-Friends-11

‘Love does not see with the eyes but the heart.’