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3 Fashion Struggles Asian Women Have & How to Overcome Them

Is there anything worse than walking into your favorite store to realize that nothing is going to work? Women of Asian descent are built in a unique way. Going into a regular store to find what she needs isn’t always going to cut it. If you’re a woman of Asian descent, then you know about that 5 fashion struggles Asian women (or of Asian descent) have to overcome.

Not Enough Store Variety

Can you name your favorite clothing store that sells clothing made for an Asian woman’s frame? There aren’t a lot of stores out there and in fact, many brands struggle in the US to keep afloat. If you are looking for a shirt or pair of pants in particular, where do you turn?

Sometimes you don’t want to have to wait for an article of clothing to come in the mail, you just want to go buy it. Here are some brick and mortar options:

– Banana Republic
– Eloquii (for plus size and short)
– Aritzia (XXS-XL)
– Express
– Topshop
– Petite Studio

Find Shoes That Are Small Enough

Not all women of Asian descent have small feet but finding shoes that are small enough can be a real struggle. Shopping in the shoe aisle isn’t even worth it when the shoes are too big unless you’re willing to venture over to the children’s section. No, thanks!

Where are all the fashionable shoes that fit well?! Well, they may not be the cheapest options but Stuart Weitzman and Marmi carry fashionable options all the way down to a size 4. Cinderella of Boston goes as small as a size 2 and offers much more affordable options.

Finding Glasses That Fit Our Face Frame

If you’re a woman of Asian descent, then you know the pain Asian women have in finding glasses that fit well. Most glasses made have a one size fits all approach. However, Asian women need glasses that have a narrowed bridge, longer nose pads, and reduced frame curves. Asian fit glasses are getting easier to find everyday thanks to sites like KaiOptics who specialize in Asian fit glasses.

Although every culture group has struggles in the fashion department, hopefully these fashion struggles will continue to be address. Remember, if you don’t like the way something is, you have the power to change it

What would be the first thing you would change in the fashion world? Share your tips!