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3 Fantastic Opportunities for You and Your Children

Whether you’re a young working mummy, or a full-time parent, the time you share with your children in their first few years is a precious gift that should not be missed out on. Watching your child grow into the smart, loving human they were destined to be is always the proudest moment of any parent’s life. However, with job commitments or taking care of your other children, there can often be times when taking a break is allowed.

Taking shifts with you partner, or other family members you trust enough to take care of your little bundle of joy is recommended. Or why not even contact a day-care, and allow your child to bond with other children their own age and energy level. The early stages of parenting are never easy, but when it’s done right, you receive the best gift imaginable: the unbreakable parent-child bond.

Homemade Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day

As the parent or guardian of an excitable, energetic kid, the use of outdoor spaces to tire your children out is probably one of the most valued aspects of parenting. Sometimes the constant attention they require for games and entertainment can become too overwhelming, so the space of a garden or age appropriate play area is the only relief you can get. That is, until the heavens start to open and then playtime is over.  However, by following this guide, I hope to provide you with assistance for your child’s entertainment, listing one example out of many easy-to-create indoor activities for those dreaded rainy days.

Home Cinema

Tired of running around and having to clean up the countless number of toys used from playtime? Then why not create your very own home cinema. By using old bed sheets, blankets and pillows, layer the blankets and lay down your pillows for comfy tums and bums. Once this is completed, grab your media tablet or laptop and place this at a comfortable eye level within your fort. With the aid of snacks and your child’s favourite toy, you and your baby are guaranteed hours of fun from morning until bedtime, no matter what the weather is like.

After School and Day-care Clubs

When it comes to keeping your children occupied, it’s not just the weather that can get in your way. Work or other life commitments often become an unavoidable aspect of your week that can easily be solved through the connection with a fantastic children’s day nursery.

Little Hands Little Feet day care and afterschool is a professionally run service for you and your children. Guaranteed to provide a trustworthy package, there is no need for those common feelings of anxiety when leaving your children in the capable hands of each working individual. Unlike the usual day-care, Little Hands Little Feet caters for children of a spectrum ages, each designated their own room in which fun learning in both recreational and educational methods is encouraged. For example, babies from the ages of 0-18 months are given the ‘large, bright and spacious’ Mitzy Room whereas 5-11 year olds are offered their own afterschool club with the opportunity to do their homework, play with their new friends or just relax after a busy day in the classroom.

Children’s Theme Resort Attractions

If you are looking for the perfect summer holiday activity for all the family, then why not visit one of the UK’s many themed attractions. With free entry usually awarded to children under the age of 3, the best place to take your young family members is to Alton Towers. Despite its reputation for ground-breaking, thrill-seeking rides, Alton Tower’s is also home to the ever so lovely Cbeebies Land. Ranging from the Octonauts to Postman Pat, your child will be given the opportunity to meet some of their favourite characters and ride with them on their very own themed rides.  As well as this, you and your family also can spend the night in Alton Towers newly created Cbeebies Hotel. With vibrant, themed rooms and roaming characters, guaranteed is a night of quality entertainment, taking the pressure off you parents as employees become your children’s temporary distractions.

So, if you’re looking to build upon your precious family memories, or even to take a break from parenting responsibilities due to an overloaded work schedule, then why not consider some of the preceding activities. Fun-filled and designed to lower their energy levels, you really can’t go wrong.