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3 Easy Ways To Remove Eye Bags Effectively

Waking up in the morning with eye bags isn’t a fun way to start your day. Although, they’re not harmful, still are very unpleasant.

Here are some precise methods that can help you get rid of puffiness under your eyes:

Remove Eye Bags With Egg White

Beat 2-3 egg whites in a bowl. Take a clean brush to apply the whites over your eyelids and under your eyes. Wait 20 minutes for the mixture to dry. Then rinse with lukewarm water.

Minimize Eye Bags With Milk

Pour some cold milk into a small bowl. Dip cotton pads in the milk, then place them on your eyes. Keep them for 20 – 30 minutes. This way, you’ll make your eye bags less visible. Make this procedure a part of your everyday beauty regimen.

Get Rid of Puffiness With Potato

Put one potato in a refrigerator for a couple of minutes. Slice it into two halves. Close your eyes and circle the eyelids and under-eye area gently with both halves for a few minutes. Then, place the halves on your eyes. Keep them for 15 to 20 minutes.

Extra Tip:

To reduce the appearance of eye bags and solve this problem you should blink rapidly for 30 seconds, every morning after you wake up.