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3 Easy Makeup Looks for Busy Women

Being a busy mom makes looking and feeling good is hard. Luckily there are so many fast, easy, and fun things you can do to feel and look great in minutes. In this article, I will be telling you about my favourite go-to’s for a quick and easy makeup look.

Tip #1: Magnetic Eyelashes

One of the biggest differences we can make to our look is eyelashes. Just like a beautifully sculpted eyebrows, eyelashes create an instant pulled-together look. Achieving that look used to mean messy mascara everywhere, or glueing false eyelashes only to have to rip and reapply. Luckily, magnetic eyelashes were born and this technology is amazing!

Make sure you purchase a quality set of magnetic eyelashes and learn how to put on magnetic eyelashes that come with a magnetic eyeliner, like MoxieLash. After all, we are trying to save time and mess, so other magnetic options that take more time is not an option. To apply, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Magnetic eyeliner – Yes it exists and is the answer to the sticky gooey mess
  • Lock in your lashes – Remove magnetic eyelashes and apply

Yes, it is this easy. If you want a mascara look you can apply before the magnetic eyelashes as usual. What’s great is that you can choose your lash kit for every look you want on any given day and throughout the day or night.

Bonus Tip: Use a spoon when applying eyeliner for mascara to keep it off your skin and help you get it just right the first time.

Tip #2: Face It

How you take care of your face matters. Products like sunscreen can double or triple as a great base and protective foundation and moisturizer while doing duty protecting your face from harmful sun damage. Almost every face product today has an amount of SPF in them make sure to use the right SPF for your age and skin tone.

Bonus Tip: If your favourite concealer or foundation doesn’t have SPF in it, simply add it to some sunscreen and mix until smooth then apply.

Tip #3: Lip Service

Lips need hydration to look and feel good. You can add that SPF to your lips as well. Make sure you stay hydrated and your lips will thank you. Keeping hydrating chapsticks and waterproof lip stains will give you a healthy and fast everyday look.

Bonus tip: Once you have your lips look don’t forget to set it. Simply, take a tissue and press it against your lips then use your powder brush to gently apply and set your lip look in.

Wrap Up

You don’t have to spend hours or even one hour feeling and looking good. You can use these handy and quick tips to give yourself a great look. Take advantage of the great new makeup and beauty technology. It’s so easy to learn how to put on magnetic eyelashes with a great magnetic eyeliner like a kit from MoxieLash will save you loads of time and have you feeling gorgeous in minutes. Take great care of that face and you can stay looking and feeling younger for years. Enjoy!