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3 Best Beard Trimmers For Pristine Look In Men

For many, the way man dress, look and groom them can form an important part of life and where they distinguish them from others. In many cases, the appearance is an incentive that can give you the best jobs, the best partner or some other bonus that you cannot miss, and in the case of men, a well-trimmed beard can be very attractive.

Being neat was something that was considered “fashion” in previous years and the last century, but now fashions have changed, and a beard is the most liked by the man. So many men have decided to let grow the beard to be at the forefront of the time.

The problem is that it’s not just letting your beard grow, but keeping it nice and making it look good, for what beard trimmers come in.

The types of a beard trimmer

Yes, it is important to know also that it is not only about the brand of the product, the price and if the buyer has liked the design. We must also focus on other things, such as the type of trimmer that will tend to use, and some people want to wear a beard a few days, while there will be others who prefer a more conventional style.

Something that you must take into account when deciding on a personal trimmer is that a trimmer for daily beards is very different from a trimmer for populated beards.

The best price-quality trimmers in the market

There are many models of facial hair trimmers on the market, and many of them are functional, useful and with an excellent price-quality ratio. Here we leave you a list of the best and most efficient models for your enjoyment.

Wahl 9854-600

This is the most powerful beard cutter there is, and it works especially for those people whose beards grow at an impact speed; designed for those people who although can shave in the morning, and at dawn the next day it seems that they have not shaved for days. Well, this trimmer may be the solution you were looking for.

Wahl Beard Trimmer has an internal motor that is twice as powerful as the regular models so that you will have more power, at an excellent price. However, in the case of not needing so much power, you can always adjust it, so that you only make a couple of quick cuts for a single pass, since with this machine you will not need to stay too long in one place.

This machine is an internal battery and gives you a range of 180 minutes against only 60 minutes of charging, so it was pretty good autonomy if we consider its power. Its battery is 2.0 Whal lithium, but if still, this time is not enough, it also has a quick charge function of just one minute.

This model has six lengths, and a good number of blades and combs with which you can do anything you need to do with your trimmer. It has three combs, one for the beard of a few days, another for the average beard and another for the most populated beard; It has a trimmer blade, a detail blade, and a double razor blade.

Its disadvantage is that it is noisier than other models and that it cannot be washed directly under the tap.

Remington MB4045B

This is an economic model, which although useful and functional, does not have the same amount of length adjustments as its more expensive competitors do. It is also possible that you will need some practice with the blades you have.

However, it is a unit that is quite comfortable, handy and can take care of most of the beards without any problem.

Its duration is quite long, so you’ll have enough time to get to see you as you prefer, without having to spend time thinking about when you have to reload it, or that it goes out in the middle of the process.

Andis 4775 GTX T-Outliner Trimmer GTX

This model has a T-shaped blade with curved edges and carbon steel blades. All this amalgam is designed to provide the best facial haircuts without leaving protuberances, irritations or ingrown hairs.

This model does not have accessories for length adjustments, and like a hairdresser, you will often need to change combs to get the correct finish of your beard.

It includes four combs to treat different lengths of hair, of size 0, 1, 2 and 3, which although it is not a range of options mainly enormous, if it is sufficient for the professionals of the sector, so in the company of its combs it will be enough for anyone.

This model works with a magnetic motor instead of the conventional motor normally available with the mowers. This makes it a little less powerful, but what it loses in potential compensates with its durability, because it will be much more durable than conventional models.


Choosing a quality Trimmer in the market is not a simple task especially if you do not control much of the subject, given that the number of models can seem really overwhelming. On this occasion, we have compiled a list of the best trimmers taking into consideration the evaluations of experts and users.

Note that the trimmers can perform other functions, in addition, to trim the beard. And although each product is unique, the accuracy, the quality-price ratio, and its functional characteristics are the most relevant points that we have taken into account for this listing. It is important to emphasize that all our economic models, and therefore perfect for those who manage a limited budget.

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