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The 20 Best Photos for 2017 Sony World Photography Contest

Sony World Photography Awards has already announced the shortlist of the best photos competing in the biggest photography contest. The best photo shots were taken by professionals and amateur photographers.

The winning photographers will be announced on 20 April, with the overall Photographer of the Year scooping a $25,000 cash prize plus some goodies from Sony.

Take a look at some of the best competitive photos that will take your breath away:

Masayasu Sakuma, Japan (Open Competition, Nature)

Andreas Hemb, Sweden (Open Competition, Wildlife)

Zhu Jianxing, China (Open Competition, Travel)

Meniconzi Alessandra, Switzerland (Open Competition, Wildlife)

Lars Sivars, Sweden (Open Competition, Architecture)

Nigel Hodson, United Kingdom (Open Competition, Wildlife)

Eugene Kitsios, Netherlands (Open Competition, Wildlife)

Tom Jacobi, Germany (Professional, Landscape)

Maximilian Conrad, Germany (Open Competition, Nature)

Pier Mane, Italy (Open Competition, Culture)

Christian Vizl, Mexico (Professional, Natural World)

Ivor Prickett, Ireland (Professional, Current Affairs & News)

Josselin Cornou, France (Open Competition, Nature)

Javier Arcenillas, Spain (Professional, Current Affairs & News)

Nader Saadallah, Egypt (Professional, Daily Life)

Asger Ladefoged, Denmark (Professional, Daily Life)

Luo Pin Xi, China, (Professional, Sport)

Joe Raedle, United States (Professional, Current Affairs & News)

#18 Stacy Anguiano Cain, United States (Open Competition, Motion)

#15 Alexander Vinogradov, Russia (open Competition, Portraits)