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18-Year Old Dog Abandoned For Being Stupid, Finally Finds A Loving Home Where He Can Enjoy His Retirement

If we lived in a perfect world, every single dog will have a loving house and family until they’re old and gray. Unfortunately, this world is not perfect and many dogs end up abandoned by their owners when they get old. Figgy is one of those dogs. At the age of 18, he was left behind at a local vet, by the people he loved the most.

Why would someone leave their dog of 18 years behind? Well, according to his owner, the dog was “stupid” and after too many accidents at home, that were a result of his age-related blindness and arthritis, they decided to put him down. When Figgy arrived at the vet, the staff decided to go against his owner’s wishes and not put him down.

The veterinarians believed that someone will be a perfect fit for Figgy and that he’ll live the rest of his life in peace and harmony. A few phone calls later, and Figgy was on his way to San Francisco to live his new life at “Muttville Senior Dog Rescue”. When Figgy arrived, volunteers knew that he needed some TLC, so Sherri Franklin, the founder of the rescue decided to take him home.

Sherri gave Figgy all the attention and love he needed and they spend most of their time cuddling. It looked like Figgy was living the doggy retirement dream. A couple of days later, Eileen, a friend of the rescuer, showed interest in adopting Figgy. Eileen already had experience with adopting elderly dogs, so she was the perfect fit for this poor doggy. And just like that, Figgy got a new forever home with Eileen.

“Dogs deserve love, comfort, and security for whatever time they have left and I knew I could provide that” said Eileen.

Maybe the world isn’t such a bad place after all and maybe there are people, just like Eileen and Sherri, that bring hope for a better tomorrow!