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16 Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman

Every woman must have read one of these lists at one point in time. The thing is, fashion trends constantly change and evolve, and it is impossible to follow all of them. What remains the same, however, is the fact that each of us has a unique style, body type, preferences, life choices and roles, and it is more important to listen to yourself than to another fashion blogger.    

There are, however, some basic wardrobe items that any woman should own. With these 16 fashion essentials, you will be able to put together a stylish look in a matter of minutes. Moreover, never again will you stare blankly at your piles of clothes thinking you have nothing to wear.    

  • Plain white tee

A plain white tee is a wardrobe staple. It presents a clean, blank slate upon which you can layer or mix and match. 

Plain white tees are very versatile, as they can be styled in different ways and worn every day to different events. You can wear your white tee under a blazer for a chic work look or pair with printed shorts or coloured denim for a casual vibe. One thing is sure — you will never run out of ways to wear your white tee.  

  • Black pants

A good pair of black pants will take you places. This wardrobe essential will never go out of fashion, so don’t be afraid to splurge. You can opt for pencil, flared, straight-legged or cinched waist pants. 

Whatever your choice is, make sure the pair is comfortable and has a good stretch. A good fabric to try is Ponte. Ponte is a mix of spandex, rayon, and polyester that stretches beautifully but does not pill. 

  • Versatile inner layers

Sure, you have that one T-shirt that goes with everything, and you love it more than life itself. However, you should also think about investing in a classy bodysuit or tank top. 

These items provide a solid base to layer upon and come in many different styles. From thin straps to asymmetrical necklines and an array of colours — you can’t go wrong. Wear them as cool underlayers and pair with jeans or cute skirts for different looks.  

  • Wrap dress

A wrap dress does something very few clothing items can do — it fits and flatters all body shapes. It is a universal fact. 

Depending on the fabric and cut, a good wrap dress can get you through all events from casual to meeting the parents. Pair with sneakers or sandals for a casual event or killer pumps for a special occasion.  

  • Ankle boots

Ankle boots have a well-earned reputation for matching every outfit you throw at it flawlessly. Pair them with jeans, skirts, utility pants, and dresses. Classic styles will be suitable for every event, but don’t be afraid to experiment with new trends like python skin and Western print.  

  • The LBD

The little black dress is legendary in its own right. The LBD was probably on the first essentials list ever written. A trusty LBD is crucial. From cocktails to work dinners to first dates, the LBD will not let you down. 

Look for a dress that fits you and your body shape. Knee-length, sleeveless sheath styles are timeless and elegant. Your LBD should not be too short or cleavage-revealing for it to be truly versatile. 

  • A good pair of heels

Your wardrobe should include a universal pair of heels that will work with many different outfits. Choose a colour that matches with many other colours and a design that is comfortable for you to wear.  

  • Diamond earrings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and a minimalist, affordable way to include them into your outfit is through your earrings.  

They add an instant shine and elegance to your look. Wear them for important work meetings, your birthday, your parents’ anniversary, or your bestie’s wedding dinner. You will fit right in. 

Ready to get your first pair? Visit diamondsonrichmond.co.nz for classic, timeless pieces. 

If you can’t afford them yet, buy a pair of CZ earrings — very few people will know the difference.  

  • The easy jeans

Denim is another thing that will never go out of style. It’s comfortable, comes in different colours and styles, and can be worn in many ways.  

Jeans styles may change, but you can’t go wrong with classic straight-laced jeans. You may also opt for pencil, boot-cut, or flared jeans. Have a pair in white, black, and dark blue. 

Presently, boyfriend jeans and mom jeans are in. These slouchy, loose-fit, high-waisted jeans can be worn casually or for work. You can pair them with heels or sneakers.   

  • Signature piece

A signature piece is a symbol of your personality; when people see it, they immediately think of you. Don’t work too hard to find it, it will come naturally. It could be a scent, a scarf, a pair of earrings, shoes, or a particular colour.  

  • Blazer

A blazer is another extremely versatile clothing item. Have at least three pieces in timeless colours and patterns. Black, nude, and a personal favourite will be best. Make sure the colours and styles you pick will appeal to you for years to come.  

Pair blazers with jeans, sneakers, and a tee for a casual look. Switch out sneakers for heels for instant office chic or a night out.  

  • Trusty leggings

A good pair of leggings will never betray you. They will stand by you through gym sessions, laundry days, grocery runs, and casual events. Get the best possible pair you can afford and wear them forever.  

  • White sneakers

These shot to wardrobe staple status in early 2020, and it doesn’t seem like they are leaving anytime soon. All-white sneakers are recommended because you need them to match different outfits and occasions.  

White sneakers can be worn in numerous ways. Pair them with a suit for a casual work vibe or with a cute dress for summer chic.  

  • Classic skirt

A classic skirt does what your black pants do and more. This is the skirt that makes you feel confident and in charge, like a flirtatious vixen or the sexiest woman in the room. 

First, it doesn’t have to be black, and you can find a style that flatters your figure the most. Many women opt for a pencil or an a-line skirt but don’t forget to explore different styles and patterns. Your skirt could be plain or patterned, or better still, try some pattern mixes. 

  • Timeless jewellery

Jewellery completes an outfit, even if it’s just earrings or the works. Your collection can include anything from pendant necklaces to statement pieces and long, drooping chains. Add a couple of rings, bracelets, and earrings that you can mix up for a versatile look. 

  • A good wristwatch

Wristwatches complete a look and add a dash of elegance. They make you look organised, collected, and sophisticated. Regardless of what you are wearing, you should not forget a watch. With the amazing designs, sizes, and shapes available, you must find something you love.


These 16 wardrobe staples are classics; they will take you through different events, seasons, and fashion trends. From first days at work to press conferences to dinner with the parents — you will never be caught off-guard with these basic items on hand.

If you splurge on quality pieces and take good care of them, they will keep saving you from fashion-driven breakdowns for years to come.