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15 Things You Should Know About Dating an Independent Girl

Here are the things you should know about dating an independentĀ girl:


1. I won’t get mad if you don’ call me or text me every second. I even like it.

2. I need our alone time. This doesn’t mean I’ve lost interest. I just need some time to be alone.

3. I can do our own chores, run my own errands and exercise by myself. You can freely join me if you want to but don’t forget that I’m capable of doing everything by myself.

4. I clean my own messes. I can wait for you to clean my mess. I’m perfectly fine doing it by myself.

5. If I ask you to sleep in my place, don’t expect to cook you breakfast and cuddle with you all night. I actually want to sleep and rest and we can go somewhere nice to get breakfast.

6. If I go to a party where I don’t know anyone, and it’s mostly your friends, I don’t need you looking out for me. I’m capable of chatting with strangers. I might even enjoy it.

7. I’m capable and perfectly fine with paying the bill and I don’t like if you constantly insist on treating me. I don’t mind splitting the bill with you. I don’t expect you to pay for me or buy me gifts. I feel like you’re bribing me when you’re giving me gifts (except for my birthday and anniversary).

8. I’ll never ask you to lend me money. I’ll feel really uncomfortable and odd until I pay you back.

9. I work because I want a successful career. I don’t want you to be my sugar daddy. I have ambitions and I take pride in my work.

10. I don’t mind if you want to get a drink with your friends or watch football. Actually, I love it. I can spend that time with my girlfriends.

11. Getting married sounds great if it’s with the right person. I chose you because I like you not because I can’t live without you.

12. I like to fix things by myself.

13. I can really stubborn sometimes. Especially if you want to give me an advice on something you’ve been through before. Let me try it my own way first. It’s easier to learn from your own mistakes.

14. I get really frustrated with co-dependent and needy people. I just want people to try and help themselves.

15. I still love big hugs, affection and to be told how much I’m loved.