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14 Tricks to Fix Your Makeup Mistakes

Women use makeup almost every day, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t make any mistakes during the makeup routine.

We’re helping you to fix the most common makeup mistakes and look flawless every day!

1. Don’t test the foundation on your face. Your face is constantly exposed to sunlight and it’s probably darker than the rest of the body. Test the foundation on your neck. If the color matches your neck that means that the foundation is perfect for your complexion.


2. Don’t apply concealer before foundation. First apply the foundation and then use the concealer.


3. If you apply your foundation with a brush or a sponge, use tapping motions.


4. Don’t use the same concealer for covering dark circles and pimples. Your under-eye concealer is too light and it will only accentuate your pimples instead of covering them.


5. Don’t use only concealer to cover acne scars. First apply some foundation, then concealer and powder to fully cover the acne scars.


6. Apply the concealer in a shape of triangle.


7. If you have a greasy T-zone, tap your zone with a paper towel once you finished your makeup.


8. If you have oily skin, don’t use sparkly bronzers and eye shadows. You don’t need extra shine.


9. Bronzer should be applied in the form of 3. Don’t apply it all over your face.


10. Don’t use too much eye shadow on your eyebrows. Brush them, fill them by using a small amount of eye shadow/eyeliner and then brush them again with an old mascara wand.



11. Don’t pump your mascara. By entering air inside you risk creating new bacteria.


12. Don’t pull your eye when you apply the eyeliner. Apply a straight line and then use a cotton bud to form your flick.


13. Don’t apply black liner on your lower water line, use a brown liner instead.


14. To define your lips more, use some concealer and a brush.