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14 Things Dogs Do When They’re Trying To Tell You Something

Unlike humans, dogs can’t speak and tell us exactly what they need or how they feel. Although they don’t use words, our lovable canines are very capable of communicating clearly once we know what to look for.

Here is a list of tips to understand your dog better.

1. Slowly wagging a lowered tail

When your dog is wagging the tail at a lower level, it means he’s figuring things out for itself. He may not know what you want him to do and needs some clarification.

2. Raising tail with slightly twitching

If your dog raises his tail straight up in the air, it’s usually proclaiming its own authority on a situation. In general, the higher a dog’s tail is, the more confidence or authority he is showing!

3. Tucking tail between its legs

Whenever your dog tucks its tail under the body, it’s an obvious sign of fear, pain or discomfort. This is a normal behavior when your dog is frightened, but if he is doing this too frequently is a sign to take your dog to the vet.

4. Wide-open and alert eyes

When your dog’s eyes are widely open and he is making strong eye contact with you, it means he wants your attention or a response.

5. Blinking with eyes

When your dog blinks, it means he is ready to play.

6. Ears straight up

When your dog’s ears go straight up, it means he’s curious to whatever is around him.

7. Ears flattened against the dog’s head


This means that your dog is nervous or scared and may want to be left alone.

8. Yawning

If your dog yawns, it may indicate that he is grumpy or restless.

9. Exposing teeth without snarling

Usually, this means that a dog is protecting its territory or control over a certain situation. This might happen while your dog is eating.

10. Licking its face

When the dog is licking his face, it means he is nervous or feeling pressure.

11. Sitting with its back turned to you

If dogs turn back to you willingly it means that they trust you.

12. Shaking its body

This is pretty common sign when a dog is wet to get rid of the water, but it can also mean he wants to relieve some tension.

13. Putting a paw on your knee

This is an obvious sign that your dog wants to dominate you. To fix this dynamic, trainers sometimes say that you should take the paw off and maintain eye contact.

14. Putting their head on your knee

This is a gentle gesture that shows they want attention and love, also a sign that they need you!