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13 African American Wedding Hairstyles for Your Big Day

Look marvelously beautiful and chic on that special day, with these elegant African American wedding hairstyles.

1. Coiled Ponytail 


Look center stage with this coiled ponytail by adding this dash of classiness and shine with diamond ear rings. It is not necessary that the bride can rock only with African American updo hairstyles; ponytails and loose hairdos also look adorable.

2. Soft and Chic


Take your hair to new heights by adding cute pretty flowers. This model has chosen the color of flowers that compliments the lowlights in her hair. Flower adored hairdos are very popular African American bridesmaid hairstyles.

3. French Roll


Here is an innovative take on French roll. This model has wrapped her braids off center in a classic French roll style. French braid styles and rolls are famous African American updo hairstyles for summer weddings.

4. Pin Curls


Look natural on your special day with pinning up your locks of love. The trick is to settle your front locks on to the crown and then run fingers to keep it in shape. Girls with lengthy hair can make two fishbone plait braids on the back. Easy formal hairstyles for long hair like pin curls can be made without much practice.

5. Bangs Theory


Fringe flattering bangs look so fabulous on the bride that all eyes will surround her face. To up keep this look with medium length or short hair, simply pin up hair on the back instead of making a bun on top.

6. Flower Power


One pretty bloom at the top says it all. Black women with ringlets can follow this classic style that is very simple for them to achieve.

7. Twisted Braids Bun


Solange Knowles sports a sky high bun created with braids. Someone with long dark hair can top her head with her black braids in a twisted bun.

8. Dramatic Up Do


This bun is flawless, no doubt. Its amazing volume makes it a show stopping bun and adds a dramatic effect to your personality. You can apply a human air filler to achieve this high volume. This hairstyle looks amazing with low back African American wedding dresses.

9. Knot Knot


This bun is super chic and a must try for young brides. Simply comb your hair towards one side of your head and then make a ponytail and wrap it into a bun and secure with pins.

10. Garden Theme


This model wears a classy timeless look with flowers tucked in her hair and it makes her a perfect bride to enter in to a garden themed wedding.

11. Romantic Pony


A luxurious mussed pony will save you from fuss and it looks so chic that your guests will admire you for keeping it simple yet elegant.

12. Cascading Curls

Zoe Saldana is wearing the side swept curly hairstyle with a gorgeous appeal. She has created this hairstyle with relaxed and natural hair.

13. Half Up Half Do Hair

Half up and half do is the flawless hairstyle for long hair. You can add fine pieces of hair jewelry to your hair to add to your looks.

Wedding means a lot to every girl and she dreams of looking at her best on the big day. Bride and bridesmaids, everyone has to look perfect wearing their perfect hairdos, dresses, shoes, and accessories.

Your wedding theme can be pink, white, purple, orange, red, or anything and you can choose your favorite African American wedding hairstyles that complement your wedding theme.